Afternoon Delight: Shonda Rhimes accused of “pandering” to gays, Sarah Silverman gets freaky with a unicorn


Good afternoon and a very happy birthday Thea Gill! The actress who played 50% of the lesbian couple on Queer as Folk turns 41 today.

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes was attacked on Twitter today and accused of only catering to the gay audience. (That would be a first!) A twitter “hater” tweeted at Rhimes, “All you do is pander to the gay/lesbian community.”  Rhimes stood her ground and defended her casting and storylines, which always include gay and straight relationships.

Now whatever you think of Callie and Arizona’s storyline, please send Rhimes some love for creating Calzona in the first place. As we like to say here at, visibility matters!

Rhimes is right! Love is universal and that’s why I support comedian Sarah Silverman’s relationship with the Serenading Unicorn. The furry musician serenaded Silverman with the song “Angel” in a new music video. Although I’m not positive of the unicorn’s sex, I chose to believe that it’s female. The only thing weirder then this video is that it’s sponsored by Juicy Fruit.

MTV will to celebrate Lady Gaga at its first annual “O” Awards on April 28. What are the “O” Awards?The show honors artists who dominate the Internet. Online voting begins this week so check back at or follow @MTVOMA for updates.

This Thursday (April 7) The CW’s action series Nikita returns after a long hiatus. I’ve missed Maggie Q and her skimpy outfits her undercover “uniforms.” Nikita’s newest episode, “Covenants,” promises to have you talking by the water cooler the next day. Or if you work from home like me, you’ll be drinking water alone and talking to the dogs.

Loving Annabelle director Katherine Brooks has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund her new documentary Face 2 Facebook. Brooks will travel throughout the country and have a film crew document her visits with 50 strangers who are her facebook “friends.” Brooks wants to forge real connections and possible real friendships and wants to take us along for the ride. If you want to learn more or donate to the film check out Brooks’s Kickstarter campaign page. The project sounds interesting, although it would be more interesting if Erin Kelly were in it and wearing a school uniform.

Today The Hollywood Reporter announced that Sean Hayes has been cast as Larry in the Farrelly brothers’ Three Stooges film. Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio del Toro have also been rumored to star as the iconic comedians but no A-list star has been cast as of yet. Obviously the three starring roles in this film will go to three male actors but what if three women were cast in the roles instead? I would cast Jane Lynch as Larry, Jennifer Saunders as Curly and Melissa McCarthy as Moe. Who would you choose? Are you old enough to know who the Three Stooges are?

Cynthia Nixon returns to HBO on Monday May 23 with her new film Too Big to Fail. The film is based on the book by Andrew Ross Sorkin, which chronicles the financial meltdown of 2008 and the complex relationship between Wall State and Washington. If you need to remedy the US financial crisis, just send in Nixon and her Louis Vuittons! Lesbians always make everything better.

Katie Couric is the first woman in history to anchor a network news broadcast alone. According to a network executive who spoke to The Associated Press, Couric will be leaving CBS Evening News after nearly five years behind the anchor desk. Couric’s contract is up on June 4, although there have been no official statements from Couric or her representatives. The Huffington Post speculates that Couric will launch a syndicated talk show in 2012. If Couric does leave the Evening News I hope Ann Curry’s name is thrown in the hat as her replacement.

Need a good laugh today? Check out Parks and Recreation 15-minute gag reel full of flubs, out takes and Amy Poehler’s contagious laughter. Warning, it’s NSFW!


On June 16, Academy Award nominee (who was robbed of her trophy by poultry) Annette Bening will be honored by Women in Film in Los Angeles. Bening has been named recipient of the 2011 Crystal Award for Excellence in Film. Katie Holmes, director Pamela Fryman, executive Nina Tassler and cinematographer Reed Morano will also be honored and will receive their awards at the annual Crystal + Lucy Awards fundraising dinner in Beverly Hills.

Twilight’s Ashley Greene told InStyle Hair that she use to be a tomboy. “I was always trying to be like my older brother.” That’s adorable but I want to see proof! I demand photos of the faux-vampire holding a He-Man lunch box and waiting for the school bus. (Wait, that was me that had a He-Man lunch box!)

If you love Beth Ditto as much as I do make sure to pick up her EP on vinyl (available only at independent retailers) on April 16.

Lesbian/Bi Photo of the Day

As part of their coverage of the recent festivities in Palm Springs, The Seattle Lesbian published this racy photo of The Dinah boss Mariah Hanson and her pal comic Suzanne Westenhoefer.

Please submit your captions below.

See you tomorrow!

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