Morning Brew – Monday, April 4: Two new lesbianish vampire flicks, k.d. lang goes to a strip club in “I Confess” video


Good morning! How are you?

Thanks to Heather Hogan for filling in for me while I was gone. We will have some video interviews from the Dinah starting today and stretching throughout the week. But first, a photo of us who made the trip to represent in the Logo Lounge.

Top L to R: Grace Chu, Dara Nai, Karman Kregloe, Bridget McManus. Bottom L to R: Lesley Goldberg, Trish Bendix

This was after we woke up at 7 a.m. to blow up 300 AfterEllen beach balls for our pool party. None of us went swimming to enjoy them fully, but Grace Chu has some fabulous photos of girls who did use them, and we’ll have those for you later in our Dinah photo gallery.

On to lesbian news that has nothing to do with the desert!

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan wants in on that Sophie-Sian action. She’s not trying to break them up, but she did say she totally wouldn’t mind her character Tina going gay on the show.

If the storyline required it, then you just do it. Everyone is so close on set and all the cast get on really well, so it wouldn’t be a problem. It would definitely be a different side to Tina!

I’m embarrassed to say that this happened in my home state of Michigan this weekend. Charlie Sheen is on a stand-up tour (seriously) and his “Goddesses” Bree Olsen and Natalie Kenly “performed” a lesbian kiss on stage. Hopefully this does not continue on for the rest of the tour.

A new German horror movie called The Night stars Jennifer Ulrich as a silent movie star-turned-vampire, and Fangoria asked her about the film’s lesbian moments.

I am not a lesbian but a woman’s kiss is nicer than kissing an old grumpy bearded guy, isn’t it?! We girls liked each other, most of the time you can trust the people you are working with, and when you are in your role it belongs to it. Charlotte comes from the 20th century when people and society were open to homosexuality. It is nothing unusual for her. And bear in mind that they are vampires, so they have lots of sex appeal. I think vampires are definitely sexy. They remind me of the sirens in Homer’s ODYSSEY: They’re mysterious and exert an attraction people have a hard time resisting. They know how to use their bodies and themselves. I like the fact we have four very different women, who are all extremely sexy in their own way. It’s a little bit like SEX AND THE CITY. There should be something there for everyone.

I don’t think the Odyssey and Sex and the City have ever been mentioned in the same breath before. That should be interesting!

A review of another new vamp film called Prowl is a little less enticing. Apparently two teen girls get dared to share a kiss but are thwarted by the discovery of human blood. Later, one of them has to decide if she wants to eat her friend/crush. Yikes. has a piece on why lesbian moms have to adopt their own children. In short, screwed up legal system.

Have you seen k.d. lang‘s new video yet? The song is “I Confess” and the vid is set at a strip club. Seriously!

k.d., you are scandalous. Why weren’t you at Dinah?

Jack & Diane co-stars Riley Keough and Juno Temple posed for a picture together at the Tribeca Film Fest. I’m liking how they look together!

Another day, another Nicki Minaj interview where she says she’s not bisexual. This time, she told Q magazine:

That’s definitely not true. Some people are just thrown off by me embracing gay culture. I don’t feel the need to explain that. Unless someone has a specific question.

No, it wasn’t about your support, actually — it was all those lines like “And I only stop for pedestrians. Or real, real bad lesbian.” Stuff like that.

On Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Barney shot her NOH8 ad with lesbian pal Fernanda Rocha — topless. She said on the episode:

What better way to support my hot lesbian friend, than to get naked with her? So have I dabbled in the vagina pool? Let’s just say I’m equal opportunist.

Later, she totally didn’t show up for Fernanda’s party, so she wasn’t swimming in her pool at all.

As a bonus, I’d like to let you all know my mom fulfilled her life’s dream yesterday and met Oprah. She is obviously trying to make out with her, which lets me know that O truly has the power.

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (check local listings), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Dog Whisperer (Nat Geo Wild 3 p.m.), Girlfriends (BET 3:30 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m., midnight, 4 a.m.), Stargate: Universe (Syfy 10 p.m.), HawthoRNe (TNT 11 p.m.), Roseanne (TV Land 11:30 p.m.), That Time of the Month (Logo Tue 4 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

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