Good Game: Brotherhood’s Multiplayer Kills, Castlevania Surprises, and Crime City Breaks Out


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After a week of plotting, sneaking, and slaying in a
15th Century Roman castles, I can tell you three things: the graphics
and gameplay in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Beta (Nov. 16 Xbox/PS3/PC) are great; the multiplayer mode is surprisingly fun; and I would not make a good assassin.

In “Wanted,” you’re tasked with stealthily assassinating targets, while you’re also being
stalked by other players. The sneakier you are, the more points you
score, and as you level up you earn additional weapons and abilities.
Currently, “Wanted” is the only mode available in
multiplayer, and the maps are limited. But Ubisoft announced this week
that the Sienna map and the team
deathmatch-inspired Alliance Mode will be unlocked once the community
has racked up five million kills, which should take no more than a week or
so now that the Beta is open to all PS3 Plus members.

More good news: there are
actually female assassins in the Multiplayer! Sure, one is a prostitute,
but the other is a female hunter known as The Smuggler:

Sailing from port to
port, the Smuggler never sleeps. Although she makes her money by
selling her victims to the highest bidder, some of her best prizes
never make it to market. Introduced to her hidden blade, those strong
fools who try to fight are left to float out to sea with the tide.

There’s a Brotherhood tie-in Facebook game called Project Legacy. It’s
a great idea in theory, and has a good look and feel, but it’s
kind of boring. Probably because it’s primarily text-based, rather than
visual. Also, the voiceover at the beginning is really bad.

Another pleasant surprise this week is the just-released Castlevania: Lord of Shadows (Xbox/PS3). I didn’t expect to like this game, because I’m not a fan of the 2-D Castlevaniagames
(although a lot of other people are). But the graphics are great, the
combat controls intuitive, and the story — about a man seeking to
avenge the death of his childhood
sweetheart — is well-written. The lead is also pretty easy on the eyes (for a guy).

If you like action-adventure games, you might want to give this one a try.

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