Morning Brew – Monday, August 30: “Persons Unknown” ends with a lesbian kiss, ” Freja gets the cover of another magazine


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Did you enjoy the Emmys last night? I liked how gay there were at the beginning, with Jane Lynch winning and thanking her wife. We’ll have a full Emmy report from Dorothy Snarker today.

On the finale episode of the NBC mini-series Persons Unknown, lesbian viewers finally got their payoff: Erika/Theresa (Kandyse McClure) and Janet (Daisy Betts) kissed.

Unfortunately, it was all for show and the series came to an anti-climatic end. If you’d like to watch it, though, you can see it on the last couple of minutes of episode “And Then There Were None.”

The Globe and Mail made a list of four things they learned this summer and number three is “Hollywood loves lesbians, as long as they have better sex with men.” They write:

In the summer films The Kids Are All Rightand The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it happened to be true to the characters played by, respectively, Julianne Moore and Noomi Rapace that their sexuality was on a continuum — that they were more bisexual, or pan-sexual, than strictly lesbian. Coincidentally, that was also true for the character played by Amanda Seyfried in Chloe. As well as the characters played by Seyfried and Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body. Oh, and the characters played by Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct and Mia Kirshner in the first season of The L Word, and – right, pretty much every lesbian character we ever meet on screen. Except for their jilted female partners, that is, who are usually older and slightly less hot, and whose stage direction almost always includes the words “glowering furiously.”

I do believe sexuality is on a continuum, and that labels are so 20th century, and that the funny, touching sex scene between Moore and her wife (Annette Bening) in The Kids Are All Right said more about married sex than lesbian sex. But do the sex scenes with men really have to be so much longer and more rip-roaring than those with women? Are the guys who run Hollywood really that insecure – wait. Never mind.

Either the (female) writer reads or she’s just extremely into watching lesbians on TV and film with a critical eye. I like her already.

On the second season premiere of Childrens Hospital, The Chief (Megan Mullaly) tries to kiss Dr. Cat Black (Lake Bell), saying she knew she had a thing with Lola, her dead best friend. But Lola isn’t gone for good — in fact, the entire episode (“I See Her Face Everywhere”) is about the return of Lola and her unrequieted love for Cat — until Cat dies and Malin Akerman replaces her. Yes, they’re poking fun at Calzona and Grey’s Anatomy, but the whole show is so ridiculous and a parody of all hospital shows so you’ll appreciate it for what it is.

On the heels of the Big Brother Africa‘s truth-or-dare lesbian kiss last week, housemates Sheila and Meryl ended up in bed together and it was all caught on camera. The Namibian describes how it went down:

Sheila and Meryl began play wrestling with each other. A short while later Sheila jumped in Meryl’s bed and started caressing her face and nibbling on her ear.


OMG! Before long the two were snogging away, pulling the covers up over their heads while writhing around in bed with little gasps escaping from time to time. … Mwisho walked in, all careful not to wake the two “sleeping gals” As soon as they realised Mwisho was in the room, the two pretended to be sleeping, and it was back on again as soon as they were sure they were alone.

They may have thought they got away with their secret lesbian fling, but little did they know that their steamy girl on girl scene was been streamed right into the Barn.

That means that everyone in the house could watch what was going on, and apparently “Hannington, Yacob, Tatiana and Lerato looked on with an equal mixture of pure envy and disgust.” Unfortunately, any chance for a showmance is out now, as Sheila was voted off soon after.

Out photographer Cass Bird took the cover photo and inside spread of lesbian model Freja Beha Erichsen in Dossier magazine this month.

Looking good, ladies. Proof that sometimes two lesbians are better than one.

Out writer Emma Donoghue‘s new book Room doesn’t appear to have any gay content, but it sounds incredibly intense and is getting rave reviews. In short, it’s about Jack, a young boy who has lived his entire life in a small room, having only known his mother and what she tells him about life. When they eventually go into the real world, Jack has to adapt and finds it hard not to miss the room he grew so accustomed to.

Emma also wrote a piece on her hero, Anne Lister, for The Guardian this weekend. An excerpt:

Not only did Lister ignore her culture’s rules about whom she should sleep with, she scorned the other rules of womanhood, too. Always dressed mannishly in black (and called “Gentleman Jack” by the locals), she remodelled Shibden estate, ran a colliery, was the first woman to climb several peaks in the Pyrenees, and finally formed a canny marriage of convenience and paired up with a neighbouring heiress. Not a saint, then, but a woman who seized her freedoms rather than waiting for anyone to grant them to her.

This has to be Anne Lister’s best posthumous year ever!

Margaret Cho will be competing on Dancing With the Stars once the new season starts. She sure knows how to move, considering she’s a belly/burlesque dancer in her spare time, so she could go far.

Then again, Jennifer “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” Grey is also competing, so it’s going to be some tough competition.

Come back later or I will miss you!

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