Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 27, 2010) Lesbian Scientistics, Rachel Maddow, Wanda Sykes and more!


10. Vivian Leigh.

A new bio reveals that the two-time Academy Award-winning actress was bisexual, meaning that she relied upon the kindness of two types of strangers.

Margaret Cho. The comic’s debut album, Cho Dependant, was released this week to strong reviews. We’re hoping she experiences a “Lesbian Escalation” in sales.

Hotties in creepy movies. Anna Paquin will be making a cameo in Scream 4 (along with Kristen Bell) and Amber Heard stars in the upcoming John Carpenter flick The Ward. Miley Cyrus will actually be kissing a girl in her new movie called LOL: Laughing Out Loud. (OK, so she might not be a hottie by your definition, but the movie is still likely to be creepy.)

Missy Higgins. The out singer/songwriter will now be a passenger on Jillian Michaels‘s Ultimate Wellness Cruise to the Bahamas in October. Your signing up RIGHT NOW for all the healthy food and exercise, aren’t you? Yeah, that’s it.

Cowgirl Up. South of Nowhere showrunner Nancylee Myatt is partnering with TelloFilms to produce a new subscription-based webseries, Cowgirl Up, starring Mandy Musgrave (SON‘s Ashley!), Maile Flanagan (Reno 911), and Marnie Alton (Exes & Ohs). They’re looking for investors, so go here to contribute. Yeehaw!

The WNBA playoffs. It’s Liberty vs. the Fever and San Antonio against Phoenix. So much women’s basketball, so little time. As far as we’re concerned, everyone wins.

Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman. The out composers/musicians (aka Wendy and Lisa) won an Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music for their work on Nurse Jackie. Wendy, is our career warm enough? Yes, Lisa.

Tina Mabry and Morgan Stiff. The partners and Mississippi Damned creators have been selected for the 11th annual Screenwriters Lab. Does this mean their new project, County Line, is on the fast track to getting made? We hope so!

Chely Wright. The out singer and activist plans to open chapter of GLSEN in her hometown of Wellsville, Kansas, causing local homophobes to declare, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”

Wanda Sykes. On Larry King Live she talked about becoming a comedian, falling for her wife and the ongoing process of coming out to her family. Just when we thought we couldn’t love her any more …

Michelle Rodriguez. The butch actress is annoyed because she constantly has to wear “butch outfits” in her films. She says she just wants to “be hot for once.” Seriously? Millions of lesbians can’t be wrong.

The Bad Girls Club. The Bad Girls Club went gay this week. Gay, but super angry.

Heidi Montag. The reality star has allegedly made a “lesbian sex tape.” We will pay them not to release it.

eHarmony. CEO Greg Waldorf recently explained to the Huffington Post why the company has a separate site (Compatible Partners) for gay couples and why they don’t measure the marriage rate for gay couples. Separate but equal, right? Riiiight.

Snooki. In a recent episode of Jersey Shore, the star explained that “the lesbian rate is going up in this country” because men don’t know how to treat women. We think her make out sessions with other women are actually driving the rate down. Whoever said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity never watched Snooki get drunk and slobber all over Ryder in the hot tub.

Cat. The trashy video for the Danish pop star’s new single “Girl Crush,” includes “girl-on-girl” action with her friend Donna Marie. Has Cat ever worked with Heidi Montag?

Danielle Staub. With the help of alleged “girlfriend” Lori Michaels, the reality star continued her assault on our ears, eyes and souls this week with a live performance of “Real Close” on a New York morning news show. We wish she had been tardy to that party.

Perez Hilton. The blogger bragged to The Voice that he makes fun of Oprah and say she’s a lesbian in a pitiful attempt to get her attention. Yeah, that’ll work.

USA Today. The paper ran two extensive articles on gay visibility in film and television and barely included lesbians. So meta.

Ken Mehlman. The former RNC chair and Bush campaign manager came out this week via a post by Atlantic blogger Marc Ambinder. Not only does he have a checkered political past when it comes to gay rights, he’s also still donating to anti-gay politicians. Our suggestion for Mehlman: Money, meet mouth.

— by Karman Kregloe

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