Morning Brew – Wednesday, August 25: A few looks at “Lip Service,” Sara Ramirez thinks Calzona needs some conflict


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Anna Paquin will be making a cameo in Scream 4. Kristen Bell will also show up in the film, which is already in production and will hit theaters April 2011. No word on their specific roles yet, or if they’ll be having sex, but that’s what I’d have them doing.

Speaking of blondes, check out pictures of Amber Heard in the upcoming John Carpenter flick The Ward.

Amber plays "a beautiful but troubled young woman, who finds herself bruised, cut, drugged, and held against her will in a remote ward of a Psychiatric Hospital." Throw in Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder and Clea Duvall call this Girl Interrupted Again and I’m so there.

In a new interview with Latina magazine, Sara Ramirez says she thinks Callie and Arizona need to shake it up a little — maybe even bring in a third party.

"I think [they] need conflict. I think they should bring in somebody else to threaten the relationship, because that happens all of the time in real life. Whether people are straight or gay, you know, s–t happens! Conflict happens. People aren’t happy all of the time."

She knows, though, how hardcore Calzona fans want them together.

"It’s a touchy subject. I know that there are many fans out there that feel represented and they are hungry for a lesbian or gay couple that is not dysfunctional, that is healthy, grounded and happy. On the flipside, that could be really boring to watch! Everybody’s really interested to see if Callie and Arizona are going to end up being the happy lesbian couple that nobody really pays attention to because they’re happy in the corner. I hope they will continue to challenge the relationship because it’s more interesting and more real."

I, for one, am fine with bringing in someone else to make things more interesting — as long as that someone else is a woman.

Grey’s comes back Sept. 23 and not long after that, Lip Service will finally make its debut at a date TBA in October. Here are a few exclusive pics from the lesbian series.

I like the underwear choices going on there. If I base quality on boxer briefs alone, than I say this will be a show worth watching.

Rumor has it Miley Cyrus will actually be kissing a girl — as in lips on lips — in her new movie called LOL: Laughing Out Loud. At first I thought this had to be a joke because no movie with a name like that could actually make it into production. But I was wrong, because it’s happening and also happens to star Demi Moore as Miley’s mom. Apparently the script has leaked, which details the kiss between Miley and a friend as well as some "smoking of drugs" with her mom. I would LOL if it wasn’t so tragic.

Megan and Lynn are two gay lady friends who met on FourSquare and want to talk about meeting people on the internet. Their new web series, @ the Space Bar, recently made its debut on The New Gay. Here’s episode one.


Ahh, Livejournal. Those were the days! And still the days for some people. Remember Friendster? MySpace, even? I sometimes remember I still have one of those.

On last night’s finale of HawthoRNe, lesbian nurse Kelly and her subordinate Malia (Sara Gilbert) seem to finally be understanding and respecting one another. I watched the whole episode hoping they’d make out in an operating room, but then some huge explosion happened and everyone was just trying to live. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next season, and if Gilbert has enough time to return once The Talk gets going.

Also last night, The Bad Girls Club went gay. There was so much lesbian-related-ridiculousness that I had to recap it separately. Make sure you read it if you want to know how lesbians really do it.

If you’re still a fan of Perez Hilton despite his misogynistic depictions of females on his website, then maybe you don’t care that he still thinks calling someone a lesbian is a way to get someone’s attention. He told The Voice that he is dying to get Oprah to pay attention to him, saying, “I love her even though I make fun of her. I make fun of her and say she’s a lesbian." Awesome, so you call people out on their homophobic statements against men but use "lesbian" in the same fashion? For shame, Mr. Hilton. And in the same interview, he says, "I wish that [hip-hop] was slightly more accepting of gay men. If you’re bisexual, that’s cool but gay men and lesbians aren’t accepted and welcomed in the hip-hop and mainstream music worlds, and that saddens me.” Hypocritical much?

If you feel like throwing a party today for no real reason, make it a celebration for Lindsay Lohan getting out of rehab. I mean, why not? Her mug shot would look lovely on a carrot (top) cake.

Lesbian Detective Diana Lancing is back on White Collar next week (finally!). Check out the promo:

And make sure to check out Britanny and Santana doing some hand-holding in this behind-the-scenes video of the new Glee photoshoot. Or is that Heather Morris and Naya Rivera doing the hand-holding?


Out writer Melissa Plaut was interviewed by Girlbomb’s Janis Erlbaum recently. She talked about what she was like as a teenager, writing her memoir Hack — about being a female cab driver in NYC — and the advice she has for aspiring writers. One of my favorite quotes was about how her teenage self would see her current self today:

"It’s really hard to say because I never met an adult like me when I was that age. There were no out gay people where I grew up, even though it was so close to NYC, and there certainly weren’t any weirdo writer types hanging around. There were really only two options — either you were suburban, jappy (in the Jewish sense, not Japanese), and super-normal or you were a total abject screw-up. There was no in-between. So it’s possible that maybe my teen self would be afraid of me, in a knee-jerk provincial way, but also relieved to discover that there really are different lifestyles available to her. (This is all assuming we met back then, in the pre-internet early ’90s.)"

Thursday night on Lifetime, catch Amber Tamblyn in Normal Adolescent Behavior where she plays a bad teen who likes breaking all the rules, including bizarre tonguing rituals with her friends.


See you tomorrow, friends.

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