Morning Brew: Monday, August 16: Peggy gets hit on by a girl on “Mad Men”



Thanks to all that participated in The Real L Word Tweet-Up last night. It made watching it more fun. My Gal Pal Emily Hartl and I shared some opinions in a special episode of Gal Pals that we’ll post sometime today.

The night before radio host Stephanie Miller came out on her show last week, she was at Margaret Cho‘s album release party, where our own Lindsey Byrnes was shooting pics. Here’s one of Steph with the woman of the hour.

She already has friends in gay places. That always makes life easier.

On last night’s episode on Mad Men, copywriter Peggy (Elizabeth Moss) met a lesbian in the office elevator. Her name is Joyce and she’s an assistant photo editor at Life. She just happened to have a bunch of nude photos in hand to show Peggy, which Peggy said would “shock her” if she saw them in a magazine, but she liked them anyway.

Later Joyce stops by Peggy’s office to invite her to a photo exhibit. She’s very forward and the secretary notes “She’s kind of pretentious.”

The exhibit is like a party full of hip beatniks. Joyce says Peggy looks “swellegant.” She’s trying to make “swellegant” happen. Then they smoke a joint and Joyce goes after Peggy’s neck saying “I’m hungry.” Peggy says, “I have a boyfriend.” Joyce retorts, “He doesn’t own your vagina.” Peggy nods and shrugs. “He’s renting it!”

The party gets raided and Peggy ends up in a closet with some dude in a leather jacket. Suddenly Peggy forgets she has a boyfriend and lets the guy kiss her. Joyce comes and leads them out of the building.

Later, they go to lunch. Will Joyce be a regular character on the show now? I sure hope so!

Katy Perry is really trying hard to reach out to lesbians, at least down under. She went to a girl party called Rouse in Australia where she obliged all of the gay women by kissing them. The Sun quotes partygoer Muffy Reagan:

“Katy didn’t mind being recognised. She was so sweet. Girls were pretty much lining up to meet or kiss her. I went to tongue kiss her and she said ‘I won’t be doing this in a few weeks after I’m married, unless of course Russell is watching!’ She was just a lot of fun.”

I love when lesbian actions come with a disclaimer like that. One step forward, two steps back, Katy Perry.

Thanks to Faye Sadou for these pictures from The Real L Word finale party at Falcon in Los Angeles last night.

More rumors are surrounding the casting of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The New York Daily News reports:

Last Tuesday, our source says Scarlett Johansson auditioned for Fincher in L.A., and the director and his team were “very impressed” with the bodacious babe. Johansson was told to come prepared with an accent for the Swedish character of Salander, which shouldn’t have been a heavy lift.

She would definitely be a much different direction to go in from the other rumored and less known actresses like Rooney Mara. Update: Rooney Mara has been cast in the role.

Come back later today for Great Lez Britain and an interview with Lily Loveless.

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