Morning Brew: Friday, August 13: Ellen does the damn thing on “SYTYCD,” a lesbianish “Scott Pilgrim” clip


It’s Friday! I’m thrilled, especially since it was announced yesterday that gays can get married again in California beginning August 18.

Did you guys catch Ellen DeGeneres on So You Think You Can Dance last night? She stepped in to perform with Twitch in the place of Alex, who was injured in the competition. It was pretty damn good.


So you think lesbians can’t dance?

The paparazzi also caught Ellen out with wifey Portia yesterday in L.A. and I feel the need to include a couple of photos because they are matched so perfectly. Do you think they plan out their outfits before they leave the house?

South African artist Zanele Muholi was the subject of some controversy when her exhibit featured two naked women together. (Some are much more explicit than this one, but they’re all stunning.)

She recently spoke with The Times Live about her art being censored and why she thinks gay and lesbian studies should be on the syllabus in African schools. She says, "There’s a tendency towards getting away with homophobia because we see it (homosexuality) as ‘un-African.’ This leads to prejudice and violence." Right on, Zanele. Keep fighting the good fight.

Reader Martina let us know that out German soccer player Ursula “Uschi” Holl got hitched back in June. A belated congrats to Uschi and her wife Carina.

I’m well aware that the AE readership is divided over their feelings about Katy Perry. Nonetheless, she’s kind of integrated herself onto our lesbian radars, so sometimes, she says or does things that we have to talk about. This week, it’s her interview with The Advocate in which she says she thinks "I Kissed a Girl" helped bring visibility to lesbian and bisexual women. She says:

I think it’s just something that everybody feels more comfortable talking about. It’s more out in the open. People are more comfortable in their own skin now because our culture is moving forward. Baby steps. Some people thought “I Kissed a Girl” was the stupidest f—ing song ever, but to other people it was a cute adopted anthem that maybe helped someone in some way or said something for someone that was on the tip of their tongue.

Did "I Kissed a Girl" help anyone here? I seriously want to know.

Ally Sheedy did an interview with about being a mom to her 16-year-old lesbian daughter Rebecca. It’s real cute and includes tidbits like this:

I want Rebecca to be happy. I want her to do what it is that she wants to do with her life and have people around her who love her while she figures out her way. My fears are always that somebody will hurt her — a broken heart, anything. I just want to protect her and I know I can’t always do that. I want her to feel comfortable and good in herself and to surround herself with people who make her feel loved. I just want her to be happy.

Ex-SNL castmate Casey Wilson is the co-director/co-star of a new indie film called Sister Spirit which is filming in Albany, New York. One of the scenes is described as "a lesbian nighttime summer camp scene," and casting director Rita Powers said they needed a lot of extras but had " had no problem getting a mix of straight and lesbian extras from the Albany area." It wouldn’t be a lesbian summer camp scene without some straight girls in the mix.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World officially opened in theaters last night at midnight and we have a great clip of lesbian Roxy Richter (Mae Whitman) in action. We all go a little mad when someone uses us as a science experiment, wouldn’t you say?


Will you be seeing it? I definitely am. We’ll have a review for you next week, too.

Have a great weekend! Beware of the straight girls!

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