Styled Out: Fashion gets bigger and better


Ladies who are always thrown into the “plus size” category that can sometimes be considered slim pickings (pun intended), your day has arrived at long last. Let’s give a round of applause for Marc Jacobs by paving the way for high-end designers by creating the first high fashion line for the fabulously curvaceous category (sizes 14 and up). Hooray! We’re a year away from seeing it on racks, but the news has leaked and I am psyched for my friends who are hard pressed to find haute business on the regular.

I get so excited when something awesome like this happens, because — let’s face it — he may be hit with some criticism from his colleagues for breaking the mold, but when isn’t he? Must I remind you of the epic boy in girl’s clothing for his fall 2008 ad campaign? Rumor has it that Chanel isn’t far behind him. Sign of the times?

Exciting as this is, it can be a touch hard to throw down for couture for your everyday gear, so may I suggest a couple of other places that may help voluptuous vixens score a hot thread or two?

Evans is a U.K. plus size exclusive store that is a far throw from the Lane Bryant’s that pepper the good old U.S. of A. Best of all, super hottie Beth Ditto of The Gossip designed a line for them last year and has another in the works for 2010. Totally awesome, affordable and they ship to the states. Boo ya!

Young, Fat and Fabulous is a blog that will nod you in the right direction, inspire your choices while weeding through a sometimes unfortunately small selection and even facilitate meet ups. Blogger Gabi (who also just won MTV’s first Twitter Jockey competition) brings you along on her journey with video blogs, photos and contributions from all kinds of fat and fabulous women.

Wildly informative, she even has lists of where she shops so that you can benefit from the wealth of style. It would be rad to make some sort of renegade craft group with broads you meet on a killer site like this, and to make your own stuff with this beauty as a muse.

H&M has a fair selection for the fearless and full-figured, and will also be launching an online store (finally!) this fall, so it will be more accessible to all. Am I dreaming? Best of all, they’re forever inexpensive, a candy store for the frugal trendster in all of us.

Shop away, ladies, at your own convenience (and possibly at home in your underwear, if you so choose).

I feel a revolution coming on.

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