Morning Brew: Wednesday, August 11: Lee Ann Womack says she’s proud of Chely Wright, MEN on “NewNowNext” tonight


Happy Hump Day!

Country singer Lee Ann Womack is speaking out for her friend Chely Wright.

She told an interviewer that she’s known the lesbian singer for years. “She is precious, and I just wish her the very best. I don’t think anybody around Nashville was shocked when she came out because most people knew already,” Lee Ann said. “But just taking a public stance and everything, she had a round of press to do and dealt with it head-on. I think that’s great.”

Lee Ann is the first country crooner I’m aware of to speak publicly in support of Chely’s coming out. What, no word from Toby Keith?

On last night’s season premiere of Flipping Out, house flipper Jeff Lewis was remodeling a house with lesbian couple Nancy and Emily. They butt heads a lot, and Jeff says to the camera, “You just don’t want to push a lesbian too far. I love the lesbians, but they could lay me out.” I’m not sure if Nancy and Emily had any violence planned but I’m assuming they’d rather just have it done the right way — aka their way.

Gay men love their Grindr application, which alerts them to the other gay men in their area. It’s like Foursquare for possible hook-ups. Well lesbians are soon going to get their own version, according to creator Joel Simkhai, who says, “We get a lot of feedback from straight men and women and lesbian women who are jealous and eager to experience the same kind of thing, so we’re working hard to make sure that we have a technology here that makes sense to women.”

I don’t know if lesbians would be interested in that kind of stalker software, but it’s possible. wrote a piece on taking your partner’s surname, saying it’s the next step in gay marriage. Tracy Clark-Flory writes: “Popular opinion is that even in same-sex relationships one partner often plays the part of the ‘man’ and the other the part of the ‘woman,’ and slacks- and sneakers-loving Ellen and long-locked Portia don’t exactly dispel this idea.” Maybe not, but I don’t really see it as a “hetero-minded move,” as she writes in the first paragraph. Who wouldn’t want to be a DeGeneres?

Hesta Prynn is documenting her new tour with a web series called Hesta Prynn & Friends. In her first episode, her tourmates Tegan and Sara show up.

Hawthorne‘s Vanessa Lengies told she had no idea her character, Kelly Epson, was a lesbian. She said:

“When I read it, I was like, ‘Really? I didn’t picture that.’ But, it’s so fantastic that I didn’t picture that and that it seems so unexpected.”

Vanessa also said she thinks Hawthorne “brings awareness” to issues.

“It’s like you know what? No one has to be a screaming lesbian or a screaming gay person. You don’t have to be so on-the-nose for every character you see on TV. People who play a gay or lesbian don’t have to be stereotypes of what society deems if you’re gay.”

Check out a new promo for Hellcats.

Will you be watching this show? I think I have to. I love the idea behind the lesbian character.

I will definitely be watching MEN on NewNowNext tonight.

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Have a great day, ya’ll.

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