Morning Brew: Monday, August 9 – Jane Lynch to host “SNL,” a new series about lesbians playing soccer


Good morning everyone!

Jane Lynch will be hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live next fall. The specific Saturday is Oct. 9, but we’ll remind you closer to the date, I promise. Can she make it an entire episode without a million gay jokes?

She was at the Teen Choice Awards with wifey Lara Embry last night, too. Cute.

If you enjoy soccer (or football of the non-American kind), you’ll probably enjoy this new web series we’ll be running called Heet Gras (Hot Grass). It’s Dutch, but the makers are kind enough to put in English subtitles for us Americans to enjoy as well. Here’s the teaser.

Lady Gaga is rumored to be starring in her own film about her life. Will it be more like 8 Mile than Purple Rain? The only thing reported so far is Bryan Singer is in talks to direct and it will be similar to “Moonwalker and Dreamgirls.” Well that’s better than Glitter.

Out guitarist/music writer Carrie Brownstein will star in a new TV show called Portlandia with her comedian bud Fred Armisen. The show will run on IFC and be similar to the duo’s Thunderant web series, in which they will “be playing themselves and other characters.” It will only be six episodes, but already sounds awesome, with characters including “the owners of a feminist book store, a militant bike messenger and a punk-rock couple (Armisen plays the woman in the couple; Brownstein plays the man).”

Carrie is also keeping busy by creating the score for an upcoming documentary called Women Art Revolution which will make its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Here’s a clip:

Want to see Tegan and Sara perform an acoustic version of “Northshore”? OK!

The real video for the single will be available on their MySpace page tomorrow.

Pretty Little Liars scooped up a few Teen Choice Awards including Choice Summer TV Show, Choice Summer TV Star: Female (Lucy Hale), Choice Summer TV Star: Male (Ian Harding) and Choice Lesbian Hook-Up. (Just kidding on the last one.) Real life gay women who won things include Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Stewart.

Check you later!

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