Styled Out: Is Angelina Jolie still in fashion?


Angelina Jolie is one of those lesbo pop culture icons that I don’t think we as a collective will ever shake. We’ll be in our ’60s and ’70s, watching the Oscars and still oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over the broad. I know I’ll probably get a lot of backlash for this, but I just don’t get the attraction.

There’s no denying she’s a breathtakingly beautiful woman, I just don’t want to sleep with her. It’s part of that tragic femme on femme clause: It works only for a small majority of the queers. There’s always a take away though, kids.

If we travel back in time, we might divulge the mystery of my waning attraction. Fascinated? Forever. And she didn’t do too badly in Foxfire.

All my pals who had to rage through puberty in the ’90s and were as tragically closeted as myself will recall that funny feeling you felt in your stomach when we were introduced to Legs Sadovsky.

Oh, how my 14-year-old heart throbbed. I think everyone started thinking about what their first tattoo would be after watching that epic scene, and most of us contemplated getting all renegade about it and emulating the magic. (Let’s not forget this is where Ang and Jenny met up and started their romance, ahem.) She was the epitome of ’90s grrrl queer and I, for one, was swooning.

I feel like Lara Croft was around where I lost interest. Gia, was amazing, there’s no denying that, and it’s the most obvious nod to her bisexual side, so I feel like we can skip over that — though she did dress like raddest rock star of all time pre-heroine times.

One has to wonder what with all the hype and amplified interest in her gun toting and butch attire was a bit of big draw as L.C.? You tell me what’s hot about her in this film besides the obvious. Love that belt, girl! Let’s all get one.

Fast forward to the here and now. This new movie, Salt, sounds pretty cool or whatever, but she’s not really doing anything for me in the previews, to be honest. I’m not real keen on her new affection for the Plain Jane and predictable red carpet wear in years of late, either.

Is she still your mad heartthrob or are her style choices making her losing her hot factor?

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