Morning Brew – Wednesday, August 4: Louis CK’s mom comes out on “Louie,” tells teens it’s OK to be bi


Happy Hump Day!

Try to ignore the cutesy intro has given their “Spotlight On Hot Celebrity Bi Girls” and you will hopefully appreciate that a teen website is telling young girls it’s a-OK to be gay. They write about their slideshow of gay and bi celeb females with this:

F.Y.Bi: curiosity won’t kill the pussy cat. If you’re curious about hanging out with another gURL in that way, you’re not alone. At all! Just ask around the Shout Out boards or take a look at Hollywood! With so many hot gURL celebs who have been there, done that, we think it’s time for you to say hello to all the good-bi gURLs!

Kiss boys bi-bi (at least for a minute) and peek these hot bi-celebs to make any gURL go bi.

The slideshow includes write-ups on each of the women and doesn’t just have the usual modern day suspects — Virginia Woolf, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo are also on the list.

A new reality series is looking for lesbians and bisexual women of all kinds of ethnicities. The project is called HoneyChild and if you’re interested in being part of the anti-Real L Word, check out submission guidelines at

Last night on the FX show Louie, the CK’s 70-year-old mother came out to him and told him she had a wife. Apparently, he’s not a fan of hers, as you can tell from the clips.

Yes, that’s her girlfriend next to her, who obviously loves older women. Here’s how CK feels about it all.

It appears her sexuality is not an issue at all — it’s how much she sucks as a mom. But she appears to have good taste in women!

The animated FX show Archer has a kooky lesbian character named Pam, voiced by Amber Nash.

On the TCA panel for the show yesterday, the creators said Pam is “a sturdy lesbian” and the only character who doesn’t resemble the real life model she is based on who is “a wonderful woman. She owns, like, a home-furnishings store. She’s very sweet.”

Brother and sister duo Brea and Zane Grant are behind the comic series We Will Buy You which follows a lesbian couple battling the zombie apocolypse. In a recent interview with, they discuss putting two women at the center of the action.

ZANE: I stopped telling people the protagonists were lesbians after one guy asked me if they made out a lot n the book. The 1920’s represent the time of the first sexual revolution in the U.S., and we wanted to follow cultural outsiders as our survivors. One of my favorite characters in a zombie film is the trans woman in the Japanese movie Wild Zero. It’s a strange choice for a rock and roll zombie film, but watching military and expectant mothers survive gets boring after a while. I think that’s why we wanted to include the people we did, it would just be a really different experience.

You also might recognize Brea from Heroes, as she enjoys acting in her spare time when she’s not drawing out storylines about women who kill men to be together and then take on the undead.

Movieline talked with Ilene Chaiken about the development of The Real L Word and then asked how she is received in the lesbian community. Ilene said:

I don’t know. [Laughs] I don’t really think of it in that way. I do what I do, and I’m a television writer and producer. I tell stories, some people really like what I do, and some like it less. I don’t feel like my life is determined by how I’m treated within the lesbian community for having done The L Word. I have my friends and family, and for the most part, they like what I do.

Well at least she’s admitting she really doesn’t care what we think about her work!

Dannielle Owens-Reid aka creator of is up for the job of MTV’s first ever TJ (Twitter Jockey). This Sunday, August 8, she’ll compete against the other finalists in a “series of social media elimination rounds live via MTV and live stream at” The winner is based on fan votes so make sure to get online and vote for your fave Biebian.

See you later!

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