Styled Out: Mixing metals


If you had asked me five years ago which brand of metal I preferred to wear, I probably wouldn’t have hesitated in answering “silver.” But, like everything else in fashion, the trend has changed and, when it comes to what sort of metal folks seem to flaunt, that, too, ebbs and flows. Gold is currently crushing silver but I think that brass is winning my heart. There’s a ton out there and I’d like to share a few coveted favorites.

Brass jewelry looks good on pretty much everybody, which is a great trait for our friends in the metal department in general, but the brass hue is a softened version. Washed out gold, if you will.

I love a dangly pair of earrings and, when I wear brass bling, it picks up the warmth in my hair, which is a plus. Any piece of jewelry you wear should flatter your features. I am obsessed with Erica Weiner. She re-purposes found objects into magical little pieces that you are guaranteed to not see anyone else wearing because each one is a completely unique gem.

Aran Galligan is a Seattle talent that I’ve been lucky to discover. She hand makes each piece in her collection AranMade with meticulous and insanely awesome detail. If there are super stars of jewelry construction, she is undoubtedly the heartthrob.

I came across TinyArt on the supersource Etsy. Holy cats — is this lady trying to make my eyes bleed or something? I want everything she makes so that all my friends can have matching Siamese cat earrings and pins with sparkly Genie buttons on our hats.

What’s your bangle of choice?

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