Morning Brew – Monday, July 26: “Glee” gives Santana and Brittany some more innuendo


Morning! Looking for some more goodies from Comic-Con? I got you!

On the Glee panel, Ryan Murphy said he is working on an episode where Brittany and Santana are debating if they should kiss. Naya Rivera is all for it:

I think it’s amazing and neither of us expected to happen. We were just having fun together. I’m glad we have such a fanbase because we’re best friends. We make out all the time.

Right, and it would be odd for them to debate over a kiss when the first allusion they made to being into each other was about having sex. No kissing on the mouth was involved? Who are they, Pretty Woman?

Ming-Na repped for us on the Stargate Universe panel, saying she is so happy the writers give her lesbian character more than gratuitous girl-girl kissing scenes. She also gave us some insight onto what is next for Camille and Sharon when the show returns Sept. 28:

Yes, it gets a lot more complicated because there has been a lot of stress in their relationship, as with any long distance relationship, and this is a really long distance relationship, you know, there’s a lot more tension built up now, even with a solid relationship like theirs, so it will be interesting.

For some reason, there are several lesbians that are really into long distance relationships so I think it’ll be OK.

One of the panels I would have loved to been there for was “Writing Queer Comics”, which hosted Paige Braddock (Jane’s World), Gilbert Hernandez (Love and Rockets), Greg Rucka (Batwoman) and Gail Simone (Wonder Woman). Among the issues discussed were negativity towards gays and lesbians in comics, creating non-cliched gay characters and steering away from stereotypes. With that line-up of panelists, I can only imagine how insightful it was.

Amber Heard was at Comic-Con to promote hew new film with Nicolas Cage, an action thriller called Drive Angry. In it, she plays Piper, a bad ass woman who has a bad temper. When asked her about playing “bathing suit” roles in other films, she said:

It’s my job in Hollywood to find roles where I get to be a character not a bathing suit. Don’t get me wrong; as you might have noticed from my resume, I have done the bathing suit. … I’m grateful for all of those bathing suit roles I have been given, or been trusted with. Some have been hits, some have been misses. And I am grateful for everything. It just doesn’t interest me for too long. I would much rather be an empowered character whether it’s good or evil or anywhere in between. I’d much rather be a character who is in charge of her actions and isn’t just there for the decoration. And as an artist I want to create characters. I want to exist as some other character and not an outfit, or lack thereof.

I think we’re all on the same page then, Amber. We can appreciate the bathing suits but, to be honest, I’m glad to see you in a new role.

Out actress Jasika Nicole was on the Fringe panel.

Comic artistAriel Schrag autographing her stuff/sitting in thrones.

Criminal Minds star Kirsten Vangsness embracing her nerdom.

Anna Paquin was there for True Blood.

As was Kristin Bauer, who was asked by the moderator who Eric would have to choose if he was forced to pick between his vamp woman-child Pam or Sookie. The crowd roared, “Pam!” They love her, they really love her.

And here is a sneak peak at the rest of the season.

Also, Emily Deschanel noted during the Bones panel that she was able to take a day off filming her new film The Perfect Family to attend Comic-Con. Why is that amazing? Because she plays a lesbian in the movie and I am ready to see it, like, yesterday. I love that her and sis Zooey are both going gay in their new films.

In non-CC news, Lucy Jones of The Telegraph gets my Eye Roll of the Day Award for the headline “A black, Christian, lesbian rapper wasn’t even the coolest hipster at the 1234 festival.” It had nothing to do with the story except that it was full of hipsters. Bonus: The URL even calls the rapper (Shunda K) fat. For shame.

Wanda Sykes was in Detroit and stopped by the Ruth Ellis Center where kids and employees asked her questions about her coming out. Says the E World Post:

Wanda Sykes answered frankly and that too with a touch of humor. Until she was 40, she did not come out publicly ever. She told the audience that she is really very happy by their ability to be honest and also open earlier in life. She advised the audience that one should always feel comfortable with whom he/she is before he/she finally come out. reader Seraphica just clued me in to the new book by fantasy author Jim C. Hines. His novel Red Hood’s Revenge follows lesbian character Taelia and, in a recent blog post, he writes about how he’s finally passed the Bechdel Rule. Basically he’s lesbian approved.

Lastly, you can find Tegan and Sara‘s new music video for “On Directing” online today at but not until Noon PST / 3:00pm EST.

Enough for you today? Never. Come back later/forever.

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