Morning Brew – Tuesday, July 20, 2010: “Lesbian Cougars of Los Angeles” and Aubrey O’Day gets a reality show


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Comedian/actress Marga Gomez talked with Feast of Fun about her career, The Real L Word, MichFest, Chely Wright coming out and working with Queen Latifah on the 1998 sci-fi film Sphere. Right around the 30 minute mark, she discusses how she and Latifah were the first ones killed off on screen.

First people killed: The lesbians! Kill lesbians of color first. Absolutely!

So when hosts Marc and Fausto clarify, “You’re outing Queen Latifah right now? You’re telling the world she’s a lesbian,” Marga says:

Yes. She didn’t tell me she was a lesbian and I didn’t see her have sex with women, but I’m basing it on my intuition. Intuition outing.

Well we all have that intuition, but unfortunately, it’s not enough to definitively call her one of us. Back to the drawing board! Anyone here work on Set it Off?

Las Aparicio fans should head on over to to hear an interview with Eréndira Ibarra. She dishes on the Julia and Mariana romance and the English fans that love her Spanish-speaking show. (Thanks Ashley!)

Big Brother UK had another contestant walk off the show and it was Shabby‘s love interest, Caoimhe. She left last night after saying she valued her boyfriend more than her time in the house. She was worried about how he might take her friendship with her former lesbian housemate, who has since regretted her decision to leave and fans have rallied around the house hoping she’ll get back let in.

And here’s yet another show you might hate to love. Bisexual pop star Aubrey O’Day is getting her own reality show on Oxygen. The Hollywood Reporter says The Aubrey O’Day Project “will chronicle her attempt to make a comeback in the music industry while working with a demanding team of industry professionals.”

So will she be dating any women on the show? Probably not, but I’m sure some of you will watch and let me know.

More news from the set of Corrie Street! Actress Brooke Vincent was on The Morning TV show and told the host her character’s sexuality was not just a phase.

In the story conference, they wanted to point out that it wasn’t a phase because it’s not a phase to most people. We wanted to play it really real and just normal. You have a stereotype of what a lesbian is and it’s not always like that.

I’m having some faith in this storyline! Anyone watching?

Sick of the youngins’ on The Real L Word? Trade them in for The Cougar Lesbians of Los Angeles.


Lori Michaels talked about her relationship with Danielle Staub on Our Scene TV. It’s “real close” and you’ll have to just “watch and see” what happens on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Yawn.

This week NPR is dedicating lots of air time and web space to women musicians. Here’s Brandi Carlile on her first time playing music:

Because it was mobile piano was my first love but i couldnt carry it with me to lilith fair when I was 17 so I learned to play guitar.

And Ginger Brooks Takahashi of MEN:

The work that the wimmin’s movement and feminism have accomplished have propelled us through to the radical activist work of riot grrrl. Now some younger women can dream and be. We love intergenerational collaboration!

And Catie Curtis:

Most men say they learned to play guitar to attract the opposite sex. I personally learned to play in order to avoid the opposite sex. Early on, men like to show what they can do, whereas women want to show who they are. Women always have to prove themselves. The first time I realized it was going in to a music store to buy a wah wah pedal. The sales guy asked if it was for my boyfriend.

There’s so much more, including their gear, advice and on-stage style. It’ll take you a while to get through it all, but you’ll be better off for it.

Come back today for recaps of The Real L Word and True Blood as well as your regular Tuesday stuff and so much more.

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