Morning Brew- Monday, July 19: “Girl/Girl Scene” readies second episode, “Runaways” comic book adaptation starts Jan. 2011


Happy Monday!

It feels like such a long time that we’ve seen the first episode of Girl/Girl Scene. We finally have a trailer for the second, which is coming soon.


Scandalous drama. Can’t wait!

A new webseries is in the works from Portuguese production company Mimi’s and it’s about women who are jilted by their partners and decide to get revenge. It’s called The Payback and one of the main women is a lesbian whose partner cheated on her. It’ll be available in English and expected to launch in the last half of 2010. We’ll keep you posetd. (Thanks Kris!)

Huge creator Savannah Dooley talked with The Advocate about the episode in which Will (Nikki Blonsky) is thought to be a lesbian. Here’s what she had to say:

I didn’t really see it as Will questioning her sexuality, and it wasn’t meant to be a red herring. For me, it was just an interesting scenario that the boy she likes has this assumption about her. I did design the character, particular in clothing but other things too, to be a little butch, because I’m tired of seeing every female character in a compulsory feminine role.

I saw a lot of tomboys in my youth, and loved seeing a different model of what a woman can be. Will never wears makeup and would never wear a skirt, but she’s really comfortable with herself. Being mistaken for gay wouldn’t normally bother her except for the fact that it’s by a guy she likes. But that’s not been my personal experience because I’ve always presented as very femmy. Even now that I’m really out, people never make the assumption that I’m gay just looking at me.

Savannah’s co-creator at Huge is her mom, who was also one of the creative minds behind Once and Again, the series in which Mischa Barton and Evan Rachel Wood end up getting together as young teens. She told The Advocate about how she came up with the storyline.

I think most people start to socialize assuming heterosexuality. I knew lesbians existed, I saw some lesbians on TV, and my mom was friends with lesbians, but they were older women, so I couldn’t reconcile the image of myself with the image of a lesbian as I knew it. I started getting crushes on girls, but I would tell myself, “No, you’re not a lesbian. This is different because you just have this crush on this one girl. And these three other girls.” [Laughs] With each new crush, it got harder to say, “But I’m still basically straight.”

Rohan lovers might be psyched to know that Samantha Ronson is visiting her ex(?) Lindsay Lohan while she’s in rehab. Of course this causes much speculation, but really I’m just glad to see ex-girlfriends can be friends. So gay!

Last night on Entourage, some girls kissed during Truth or Dare. Just an FYI in case you are a huge fan of the game.

The comic book Runaways has a feature film in the works and Comic Book Resources wants to know who should get cast, including the lesbian character Karolina. They’ll have to figure it out soon as production is scheduled to begin in January 2011.

A few more details on My Idiot Brother have given us some insight as to the movie’s girlfriends played by Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jones. Says IndieWire:

Deschanel plays Natalie, the artistic hipster and bisexual whose flakiness and lies are getting in the way of moving forward with her caring, responsible girlfriend Cindy (Rashida Jones), who is looking to move the relationship towards a more committed place.

The six week shoot has been underway in Brooklyn, Manhattan and upstate New York.

Have you wondered what Kelly McGillis has been up to since coming out? Well, she’s living the simple life! She told The Spec:

I live my life in loving service. I go to the prison in Camden (N.J.), talk to women there about addiction and recovery.

Not recovery from lesbianism — from alcohol. She also says she doesn’t watch her own movies because she “lives in the here and now.” I wonder if her Top Gun co-star feels the same way. I’ve always imagined Tom Cruise to force his children to sit and watch his films as some sort of educational guide on how to remain likable while being a total pompous a-s.

Several lesbian films took home prizes at Outfest this weekend. A Marine Story won for outstanding U.S. dramatic feature, the audience award and outstanding actress for star Dreya Weber. The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister won for outstanding international dramatic feature, The Four-Faced Liar won outstanding first U.S. dramatic feature film, queer director Kerthy Fix‘s Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt & The Magnetic Fields won best documentary feature and Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls was honored with a special programming award for freedom. Not too poor a showing for the gay ladies, eh?

Come back later for fun stuff — I promise!

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