Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (March 16, 2007)



Long-running British soap Emmerdale, which had a lesbian
teen story line
last year, is dipping its carefully manicured toes into the
lesbian waters again: Sammy Winward’s character, Katie Sugden, whose husband recently
left her for another woman, is going to have a lesbian relationship, according
to co-star Verity Rushworth, who recently told Britain’s
Daily Sport newspaper
: "I probably shouldn’t say this but
there’s going to be an exciting new storyline involving Katie Sugden. Let’s
just say Katie turns to females, to other females, to find true love."

Here’s an introduction to Ms. Winward for those of us in the States:

Katie’s girlfriend has yet to be cast, but an unnamed insider at the show told
the newspaper, "It’ll be the sexiest thing we’ve seen in soap for a long,
long time." Meanwhile, the sexiest thing we’ve seen on American soaps in
a long time is Bianca hooking up with Zarf on All My Children. And
that’s so, so not sexy.

I managed to sneak a clip of the opening credits for the upcoming lesbian comedy/relationship
series Exes and Oh’s, slated to debut on Logo in the fall. Check it

I haven’t seen any actual clips of the show yet, but like any good lesbian,
I’m quite willing to jump to detailed conclusions based on very little actual
information. So here are my observations after watching the 20-second opening

  1. What’s up with a cast of all white women? There’s really no excuse for that
    in this day and age, when even
    Fox is telling TV writers
    not to bother submitting pilots with all-white
    casts. Maybe the Exes and Oh’s showrunners thought "redhead"
    qualified as diversity? That would explain Heather
    ‘s hair, at least …
  2. I really like the theme song (it’s "The
    Constant Lover" by Canadian all-girl band Magneta Lane), especially
    when compared to that other theme song for that other lesbian show.
  3. Exes and Oh’s is a pretty good name. It reminds me of Quaker Oh’s
    cereal. I like that cereal. It’s full of Honey Graham goodness.
  4. Michelle Paradise is cool (and funny), and it’ll be great to have a show
    about lesbians played by lesbians. Well, mostly lesbians, anyway. I think.
  5. Who’s that cute Marnie Alton and where’s she been hiding? She looks like
    trouble with a capital X.
  6. Angela Featherstone looks so different here from her evil Eliza
    -seducing lesbian character in Soul
    that I almost didn’t recognize her. Does she get to seduce
    Eliza on this show too? That would be awesome. I’m just sayin’.

That’s it. I’m all tapped out now. But imagine what I could do if I had a full
30 seconds!

"One of the things I always try to do is make movies that are super political,
but also super palatable. That combination, I believe, is actually more radical."
Itty Bitty Titty Committee and But I’m
a Cheerleader
director Jamie Babbit to Cinematical.

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