Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 31, 2009)


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(Forbidden Love)
— Germany, drama
What happened:
Fransesca von Lahnstein, aka Maria Galdi, is legally declared alive and
Carla is upset by Elisabeth’s forced departure from the Lahnstein
family residence.
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: Annelies
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— Spain, drama
What happened:
Arlet invites Dani to dinner with her friends, then regrets it when
Dani gets drunk and starts bragging about their sex life to Arlet’s
friends. The next morning, Dani is apologetic but Arlet is only
slightly mollified. Later, Dani asks Arlet to marry her, but Arlet says she won’t give her a response until Dani asks her properly.

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else you need to know:

The first season of Infidels
is now over, but TV3 has ordered a second season, which should debut in
a few months.


— CBS, drama
What happened:
Olivia tells Ava about her feelings for Natalia. Ava encourages her to
go find Natalia, who’s still AWOL, but Olivia says Natalia doesn’t want
to be found.


— South Africa, drama
What happened:
Lu invites Wandi to attend the music awards with her (just as
a friend). Lu’s ex David enlists Wandi’s help in convincing Lu to come
back to him.

Show/Episode: Gimme
Season 2

— Logo, reality
What happened: Linda
and Michelle pull the plug on Truck Stop, but Charlene forgets to
let it die and go home. Davonee mocks Alex for being bi, while Hilary
does a nice thing for her roomie. Read
the full recap


(Sweet Blue Flowers)
— Japan, anime
What happened: In episode 4, Fumi comes out to Akira and tells her about her relationship with Yasuko. Akira doesn’t care, and she and Fumi remain best friends while Fumi continues to date Yasuko. It turns out that when Yasuko attended Fujigaya (the school Akira attends) in middle school, she was in love with Kagami-sensei, a teacher who is engaged to her older sister Kazusa, but she transferred to Matsuoka (the school Fumi attends) after he rejected a love letter that she gave him. In episode 5, Fumi grows uneasy over how popular Yasuko is with other girls, and wonders if Yasuko might love someone else. Kyouko sadly realizes that Yasuko is in love with Fumi, Fumi and Akira both discover that Kyouko loves Yasuko, and Akira feels caught between supporting both Fumi and Kyouko. Yasuko tells Fumi that she really loves her, and invites her to attend the school play at Fujigaya that she’s performing in.

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There were also lesbian-themed
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(F/X) and In Plain Sight
(USA) this week — continue on to read about those.

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by Sarah Warn

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