Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 17, 2009)



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Show: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) — Germany, drama

What happened: Ansgar and Tanja falsify the results of the DNA test to show that Maria Galdi is Fransesca von Lahnstein. Ansgar wastes no time in preparing his “mother” for her position as head of the family. Carla keeps resisting Maria Galdi’s efforts to rebuild their relationship. To get her mind off things Carla accompanies Stella to the launch party for Schneiders N°1, the wine that Stella helped Charlie select as housewine for Charlie’s restaurant. Carla brings Stella home when Stella gets drunk and makes a scene.

Stella kisses her, but Carla wisely refuses the rebound sex. She confides in Stella and tells her about her doubts concerning Maria Galdi. The next day the two spend a carefree morning in the castle’s park with Sofia, Carla’s little daughter.

Special thanks to
: Annelies

Show: Infidels — Spain, drama

What happened: The boyfriend of one of Arlet’s friends dies suddenly, and Arlet starts dreaming about him. Now she is really afraid of losing Dani, and she’s sad and worried and only wants to stay with Dani at home all the time. She becomes a little obsessed, and even calls Dani at the middle of the night and asks her to come to her house because she doesn’t want to sleep alone. Dani sees that something is going on and despite asking Arlet what’s wrong, she won’t tell her anything. By the end of the episode, Arlet realizes that the only way of getting over it is to starting to enjoy life with Dani and not worry about what’s going to happen next. Dani finally tells Arlet “I love you” during this episode.

Special thanks to: Joana

Show: Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men) — Spain, drama

What happened: Silvia was killed.

Show/Episode: Guiding Light — CBS, drama

What happened: Doris marries Bill and Lizzy; Rafe accuses Olivia of trying to steal the bride at this wedding, too.

Show/Episode: Gimme Sugar Season 2 — Logo, reality

What happened: Charlene auditions some dancers, whom Devonee warns her look more like porn movie extras, and Linda and Michelle finally pull the plug on Truck Stop Miami. Read the full recap.

Show/Episode: Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers) — Japan, anime

What happened: After Fumi sees Kyouko run out of a room crying, Yasuko exits the room and avoids explaining what happened. She and Fumi go to the Fujigaya school garden, and Fumi tells Yasuko that she wants to leave the Basketball Club. Yasuko says that that’s too bad, because she won’t have an excuse to see Fumi anymore, and Fumi’s “her type.” She asks Fumi on a date, and Fumi accepts. Kyouko invites Akira to come with her and her fiancée Ko (her childhood friend who she doesn’t have any feelings for, while she still loves Yasuko) to go on a group date. Fumi and Yasuko go on a fun date to the ocean, and Yasuko asks Fumi to go out with her again — which Fumi agrees to. Akira gets embarrassed on her group date by her protective older brother “secretly” following her (which everybody notices). At school, Fumi joins the Literature Club, and she and Yasuko share their first kiss in the school library.

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— by Sarah Warn

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