Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 10, 2009)



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Show: Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men) — Spain, drama

What happened: Silvia’s father Don Lorenzo teacher Pepa how to dance; they discover the local mafia is planning to attack them. Pepa gets made when she learns that Silvia is performing an autopsy in her wedding dress, and they yell at each other with their backs turned (since it’s bad luck to see each other in their wedding dresses before the ceremony). The ceremony begins and the mafia sets up. They cut off cell phone reception, get into position and wait for orders. Pepa and Silvia say their “I do’s” and are officially declared married.

Special thanks to: Ines and Axon

Show/Episode: Personal Affairs — U.K., drama

What happened: Grace Darling is caught on tape kissing associate Jane Lesser

Special thanks to: Sarah and Lauren

Show/Episode: She’s Got the Look Season 2 — TV Land, reality

What happened: Sandy is eliminated in the fourth episode after her team is judged the weakest.

What else you need to know: You can read Sandy’s take on her elimination here.

Show/Episode: Gimme Sugar Season 2 — Logo, reality

What happened: Charlene gets in trouble with her bosses for socializing instead of working, and a whole bunch of stupid lesbian drama happens for no reason. Read the full recap.

Show: Infidels — Spain, drama

What happened: At the swimming pool, Arlet asks their friends to go to her school and tell the children about their jobs, and Dani feels really bad about Arlet not asking her to participate. At home, Dani tells this to Arlet, and Arlet says that she didn’t bother asking because she thought Dani wouldn’t agree to do it. Dani tells her she does want to do it, but as the day of the talk comes close she gets really nervous. When Dani explains the children about her past, that she couldn’t make it to the Olympics due to an injury, the children are cruel and make Dani feel like a complete loser who doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life anymore.

Special thanks to: Joana

Show: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) — Germany, drama

What happened: Maria Galdi, who claims to be Carla, Leonard, Ansgar and Constantin’s mother, tells an unlikely tale of how she was caught in the middle of a mafia assassination and had to enter the witness protection program to protect her family. Leonard believes her, but Ansgar and Carla are skeptical. Carla secretly collects a sample of Maria Galdi’s DNA which proves that she is an imposter. Maria Galdi then claims to be Francesca von Lahnstein’s long-forgotten younger sister.

Charlie realizes she’s not that into Stella after all. She can’t bring herself to tell Stella and cancels their date at the last minute. Stella becomes the victim of a robbery and Charlie decides she can’t dump her after such a traumatic event. Eventually Charlie is forced to come clean and confesses that she likes Stella, but not enough to forget that Stella is a woman. Carla can barely keep from crying out for joy when a tearful Stella tells her that she and Charlie broke up. Carla promptly organizes a special performance by Stella’s favorite opera singer (a cameo by real life diva Anna Maria Kaufmann) to cheer her up.

Special thanks to: Annelies

Show/Episode: Guiding Light — CBS, drama

What happened: Natalia leaves town when she finds out she’s pregnant with Frank’s baby. Olivia and Doris go on a road trip to find her. They don’t.

What else you need to know: Jessica Leccia is on maternity leave and won’t be appearing on the show for awhile.

Show/Episode: Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers) — Japan, anime

What happened: Fumi Manjoume has recently moved back to her childhood hometown, Kamakura, to attend an all-girls high school. While taking the train to her first day of class, she meets Akira Okudaira, a student attending a different school, and the two later realize they knew each other 10 years ago (before Fumi moved away). They make a promise to go to school together despite the fact that they attend two different schools, while still making other friends along the way. Fumi is sad to learn that Akira’s sister Chizu, with whom she was in love as a child, is engaged.

In the second episode, Akira and her classmate Kyoko decide to join the drama club, while Fumi decides to join the literary club at her school, but accidentally joins the Basketball Club when she is invited by a senior named Yasuko Sugimoto, with whom Fumi is smitten. Kyouko receives a love letter from a middle schooler in her locker but says she has someone else she likes, and Akira wonders why she assumed it was a girl. Yasuko, Fumi, and the Matsuoka Drama Club visit Fujigaya, and Kyouko meets Akira in private, where Yasuko alludes to Kyouko’s unrequited feelings for her. Kyouko runs out of the room in tears as Fumi walks by it.

What else you need to know: We’re posting the first episode, and a full review of the series, on Friday morning.

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: Katherine

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— by Sarah Warn

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