Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 19, 2009)


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Show: The Closer — TNT, drama
What happened: Lesbian detective Mikki Mendoza makes her first appearance on the show. Read the recap.

Show: Suomen huippumalli haussa 2 (The Search for Finland’s Top Model Cycle 2) — Finland, reality competition
What happened: Nanna won! Read all about it here.

Show: Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men) — Spain, drama
What happened: There’s a party at the bar to celebrate Paco, Mariano and Nelson’s return (after their problems with the Italian Mafia). Pepa announces Silvia has asked her to marry her, and she makes a point to tell Don Lorenzo. He looks shocked, and stern, and appears angry, but he gives them his blessing. "My hands, and my daughter’s hands, are here — with her fiancée’s hand!" He smiles and calls out, "Long live the brides!" while everyone shouts and laughs, and Pepa and Silvia kiss. Later Silvia arrives at her niece’s home with a potential wedding dress to keep for her.
Special thanks to: Axon and Ines

Show/Episode: Big Brother 10 — UK, reality
What happened: Saffia was eliminated, and this week Angel nominated a housemate for eviction. Lisa is still in the game.

Show/Episode: She’s Got the Look Season 2 — TV Land, reality
What happened: The ten competitors get makeovers, and Sandy does just well enough in the photo shoot to avoid elimination (but barely). The judges like the softness in her face, but don’t like how she makes the dress look.

Two competitors are slated to be eliminated; Lori knocks herself out of the competition when she starts ranting, pulls off her shirt, and begs the judges to boot her, and Jackqueline is also given the boot.

Show: Infidels — Spain, drama
What happened: Arlet and Dani are in bed together when someone knocks on the door. It’s Arlet’s parents. Arlet says that Dani is a friend of hers and Arlet’s parents, of course, ask about Víctor, so Arlet tells them that they broke up. Her parents are really shocked and thank Dani for giving Arlet company in this difficult times. Arlet tells Dani she wants to tell her parents the truth, but is afraid of their reaction. So they have lunch together and his father is all about Víctor, and at one point he says that he thinks that Víctor left her so Arlet stands up and says "I’m gonna tell you something that you won’t like, but I don’t care. For your information, I left Víctor." Her mother asks if he has met another man and Arlet says that she’s with a woman. At this point her father is about to hit her, but her mother tells him to stop. They leave, and her mother tells Arlet that she would prefer her daughter to be with a man but that what really matters is her happiness. Arlet tells Dani that she’s really sad about his father’s reaction, so Dani decides to go find Arlet’s dad and she gives him a very nice speech about loving Arlet, etc. Then they show Arlet and Dani walking in the street and they are holding hands and smiling and it’s pretty clear that Arlet is really happy, and her friends are happy for her, too.
Special thanks to: Joana

Show: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) — Germany, drama
What happened: Elisabeth and Sebastian convince Carla that the company isn’t worth years in prison away from her child. Carla signs the document that makes Ansgar the largest shareholder in the Lahnstein Holding. A visit from Tanja convinces Carla that her brother doesn’t have as much incriminating evidence as he claims. In the nick of time, she manages to stop Sebastian from giving Ansgar the papers. At a charity auction to benefit AIDS prevention, Charlie gets jealous when the prominent lesbian artist she tried to befriend earlier bids high on a date with Stella. Charlie gets carried away, offers a whopping 10,000 euros and blows Stella a kiss after securing the date. When she starts to realize the implications of her impulse buy, she bails out saying she doesn’t have time for the date. She then changes her mind back again and the two bake a cake together. Insert blissful montage: food fight, flirty banter, Stella feeding Charlie bits of fruit and Charlie wiping flour off Stella’s face.

When the cake is in the oven Stella demands an explanation for Charlie’s erratic behavior. Charlie answers with a kiss. Stella finally got what she wanted but isn’t sure what to do with it. She offers Charlie a way out, but Charlie says she wants to be with Stella.
Special thanks to: Annelies

Show/Episode: Guiding Light — CBS, drama
What happened: Rafe can’t handle finding out about Olivia and Natalia’s relationship, and leaves his mom’s house to stay with Frank for awhile. Later, Olivia runs into the town priest, who tells her he can’t give them his blessing, and he says the same thing to Rafe later, but tells Rafe that he needs to support his mother as she’s going through this. Frank’s daughter confronts Natalia about her always sucking Frank into her problems, and later asks Olivia to talk to Natalia about that. Natalia and Olivia talk and decide that even though they know they would choose each other regardless, they don’t want everyone else to think they’re only together because of their shared circumstances, so they decide to take a step back, which results in Natalia quitting her job at the inn. Rafe gives his mom a little support when he sees her next, but he still can’t handle her relationship with Olivia, so it’s a short conversation.

— by Sarah Warn

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