Sound Check: September 2008


News and reviews of queer women in music.

“I love talking to people from” was one of
the first things Tegan Quin told me when I got her on the phone from her record
label’s Los Angeles
office. Having recently made an appearance on This Just Out with Liz Feldman, she shared that she had a lot of
fun filming the bit, though she was sweating from the intense heat, and Feldman
had a strong drink ready for her upon her arrival.

“I drank a vodka and vitamin water,” Quin said.
“Of course I drank it, it was 110 degrees and I was so flustered from my sweaty,
sunburn drinking. I don’t usually drink, but if you have one poured for me …”

I warned her that this might become a new romance tactic
among some adoring fans. She could be getting a lot of vodka sent to her
backstage. And speaking of partying like the rock star she is, I had to know if
the barbeque she met Liz at was how I envisioned it to be: full of celesbians.

“Oh God, I wish,” Quin said. “No, it was at a friend of mine[’s]
from Vancouver
who moved here. He’s worked on The L Word
so he met Raimy … Not very many famous lesbians, but Cam was there from Uh Huh Her.”

I took the opportunity then to find out about the Uh Huh
Her/Tegan and Sara touring speculation for the near future.

“We wanted them to come tour with us in the fall, but they
couldn’t because The L Word is still
filming so Leisha couldn’t get away,” Quin said. Damn Leisha Hailey and her
double life.

However, Tegan and Sara will be touring with Girl in a Coma,
which is still a pretty wonderfully gay tour. But back to celesbians: Quin
claims she doesn’t really have any famous friends because she thinks she’s not
a rock star. (I know, she’s insane.)

“I had a friend, and I was talking about hanging out with
[Uh Huh Her], and she was like, ‘Oh my God, do all famous lesbians know each
other?’” Quin said. “And I said no, I don’t have any famous friends. These
people I just see as other musicians. I don’t know, I don’t think any of us are
famous. I have a lot of really great friends that are lesbians, you’re right. I
met Liz at a barbecue with famous lesbians and I am friends with all of them.”

I’ll have more for you this fall in an upcoming Q&A,
including some gossip on Quin’s new L.A.
woman, and also some more scoop on her side project with Hunter Burgan.

Tegan Quin


A trio that would fit well on a Quin and Sara tour would be the
New York-based new wave band Telenovela Star. The group (which includes out
drummer Nikki McLeod) recently released their second album, Love, Lust, Sci-Fi & Monsters.
Coming off of a small-time hit (their song “The Car Song” was featured on The N
series Beyond the Break and was a
finalist for Best TV/Film song at the Independent Music Awards), Telenovela Star has
recorded an album that is post-punk ala Erase Errata with less politics and more

Telenovela Star

“Vampire” is a standout track with McLeod’s alto vocals
coming in below vocalist Maggie Argyro’s breathy and drawn out singing. The
guitar chords are minimalist but the rhythm section is rocking, and there’s an
admirable balance of both facets on all of the tracks. “Tell me what you want,
what you want, what you want right now,” Argyros sings. “There’s a vampire on
my back.” It’s a little dark, but in the most intriguing of ways, and the
instrumental matches.

The album’s slow jam, “You’re All Over Me” is another
testament to Telenovela Star’s rhythm section. The drums and bass are not just
part of the background in this band. Not bad for a group that formed over
Craigslist. These ladies were made for each other.


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