Sound Check: July 2008


I never thought I’d be talking about my grandma during an
interview, but the Cliks, who were in Chicago last month for the True Colors
, got me going on my dear old lady. Bassist Jen Benton and drummer Morgan
Doctor were excitedly telling me about their performance on The Craig Ferguson Show recently and how
it was filmed in the same Los Angeles
studio as the soap opera The Young and
The Restless

"I was in Jack Abbott’s living room," Jen boasted.
I told them my grandma was a huge fan, and she’d be so jealous if she knew
these ladies had been in the presence of the 50-year-old man or his living room.

"And I met Sharon!"
Doctor said, referring to another character Iā€™m sure my grandma is familiar
with. "They were so excited to have young people on the set."

The Cliks

The Cliks hail from Toronto,
so I thought surely they would also be fans of Degrassi, but they both were unfamiliar with
the current incarnation of the show and only recalled the original series from
the ’80s. I guess they have more in common with my grandma than me (unless I’m
the odd one who watches tween shows on The N), but I won’t hold that against

The band played the True Colors tour last year as well, so
they’re familiar with the inner workings of the Cyndi Lauper-helmed fest, which
benefits the Human Rights Campaign.

"It’s more musical this time," Benton said. "There’s more musical acts,
more bands."

Doctor agreed, also noting that both the bands and the
audience is more heavily female this year with acts such as Tegan and Sara, the
and Rosie O’Donnell doing stand-up. Having just finished opening for the
Cult, this audience is quite a change for the Cliks, but they are enjoying it.

"It’s nice that we continually go upwards," Doctor
said. She noted how excited the Cliks were to receive the NewNowNext Brink of
Fame award recently as well.

"As an artist it’s great," she said. "You do
what you do no matter what, but it’s great to get acknowledged for it."
After True Colors comes to an end, the Cliks will return to Toronto and work on
their follow-up to 2007’s Snakehouse.
Then next year, they will tour South Africa and Germany.

In addition to their love for daytime soaps, I quizzed them
on any True Colors tour gossip. "We’re trying to get Rosie to be the fifth
Clik," Doctor said. I prompted them for something more sexy or scandalous.

"Morgan and [True Colors host] Carson [Kressley] are
having an affair," Benton said, laughing. Hey, you heard it here first.

Onstage that night at the Chicago Theater, the Cliks were
tight and focused as they breezed through a set of three new songs, as well as
their cover of Justin Timberlake’s "Cry me a River" and their Snakehouse single "Oh Yeah."

Tegan and Sara played a short set of their most well-known
hits, such as "Living Room," "Walking With a Ghost" and
their gay marriage song, "I Was Married." The sisters kept
their stage banter to a minimum in the interest of saving time, as they had to
scurry offstage to make way for Rosie O’s stand-up and the B-52’s and Cyndi
Lauper’s performances of songs from yesteryear.

It was a gay affair, but I have to say, I didn’t see any
sparks flying between Morgan and Carson when they shared the stage. They must
have had a lovers’ quarrel before the show.


and Love Affair
is a new buzz band ā€” you know the kind: hailed by Pitchfork and the New York Times, remixed by party DJs and fawned over by vinyl
geeks. But honestly, the band’s debut self-titled album is worthy of praise.
The disco collaborative features out singer Kim Ann Foxman alongside ringleader
Andrew Butler and other guest crooners Antony and Nomi Ruiz.

and Love Affair

New York electro-disco is what H&LA play, and the concept for the album (as
well as the band’s moniker) is Greek mythology. It’s playful, easy to follow
and ā€” most importantly ā€” easy to dance to. Greek tragedy makes for great
lyrical fodder, and the voices of all four bandmates give the songs some
much-needed variety. Why have one vocalist when you can have a handful?

I have to admit my favorite songs are the ones Kim Ann sings. I’ve mentioned
the track "Athene" in Sound Check before. If you haven’t heart it
yet, check it out as well as their single "Blind" and, you know, the
entire album.

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