Feminist Friday: S’mores of Defiance


This Week in Ladybits

A wee reminder that just having “a hospital” nearby won’t necessarily serve your needs if you happen to have ladybits: This Catholic hospital in Oklahoma no longer allows its doctors to prescribe hormonal birth control as a contraceptive. So if you live in Oklahoma City and want hormonal contraception, all you have to do is wait in line behind about 18,500 women for the single remaining OB-GYN to offer it.

In Arizona, harsh restrictions on drug-induced abortions took effect this week, meaning safe abortions are even harder to get. And Louisiana’s House approved a new TRAP law that could shutter three of the state’s five clinics.

Hey, remember those deep convictions Hobby Lobby the “corporate person” had about birth control? They didn’t seem to be in play when Hobby Lobby invested in several companies that produce contraception and abortion products. Yes, many of the same products Hobby Lobby is arguing that it shouldn’t have to cover because of its deep moral convictions.

God Meets Profit as Justices Weigh Obamacare Contraceptive Rule

There are some bright spots for Ladybits this week, though. West Virginia’s Governor Earl Ray Tomblin (D) vetoed his state’s 20-week abortion ban because it is unconstitutional, and because it would harm the health and safety of pregnant women. I found that last part particularly refreshing because of how rarely the health and safety of pregnant women seems to come up in the abortion debate.

State representative Doug Cox of Oklahoma is another bright spot. He describes himself as a pro-life Republican, but he’s outspoken with his disgust over what the Republican party is trying to do to women. He calls the attempts to block emergency contraception “prejudiced against women,” and he is crazy enough to think that a conservative should believe that “women should have the right to control their own destiny.” If Cox sounds remarkably in touch with women’s needs, it’s because he has been: He’s an emergency room doctor. And to him, “pro-life” means that he hasn’t personally performed any abortions, but he doesn’t think he should interfere in a woman’s private decisions. What a sane definition of that term.

And Lady Parts Justice had an ovaries-to-the-wall writing and sketch-shooting marathon in L.A last weekend, thanks to the astonishing energy of comedian/activist Lizz Winstead. Get ready for some fun and pointed video rollouts soon. In the meantime, take the Which Hobby Lobby Birth Control Method Are You? Quiz.

Or enjoy the LPJ Meme of the Week:

44FF1Image courtesy of Lady Parts Justice, via Twitter

This Week in Thinky

Oh, this is terrific. The McGill Law School Feminists have decided to take the word back — and show the true diversity of feminism.




Images courtesy of the McGill Law Feminists tumblr

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