Feminist Friday: Oh, good. More reasons to prosecute women.


This Week in Ladybits

On Thursday, Texas legislators met to discuss how gutting the state’s health and family planning programs for women has been working out just fabulously except for the thousands and thousands of women who can’t get health care now.

They called the session a discussion of their “legislative achievements in women’s healthcare.” For real.

FF1221Image courtesy of Planned Parenthood via Twitter

Friends of ladybits in Texas showed up to the meeting—held by legislators who are hostile to them—to testify and protest. Check out the #FightBackTX hashtag for more.

And, remember, passing all these laws isn’t just about blocking women’s access to safe abortions: It’s also going to be more and more about prosecuting them.

Rachel Maddow made a great point during that clip: Ask a woman over 65 if she knows someone who had or tried to get an abortion pre-Roe. Ask her what happened.

And it’s not just unwanted pregnancies that are problematic. The Bode Miller case may cause a huge blow to the rights of pregnant women. Like, for example, the right to move so you can go to school. It’s getting scary out there, kids.

The United States isn’t the only country that has been pushing Draconian abortion restrictions over the last few years. Case in point: Spanish women have been protesting their country’s proposed ban by registering their bodies as their own property to underline the point that they’re being treated like objects.

This Week in Thinky

Trying to figure out what the hell is happening in Venezuela? Veronica Bayetti Flores offers a nuanced feminist perspective in Feministing.

Anil Dash wrote about the year he didn’t retweet men. (Via Feminist Frequency)

Oh, hell, yes. Lightspeed Magazine got such an enthusiastic response to their proposed issue of science fiction written by women that they’re adding all-women fantasy and horror issues too.

The International Congress of Quantum Chemistry is facing a boycott petition after announcing a speakers list with no women on it (again). And the push to include more women is itself facing a backlash.

And io9 gave us a tutorial on Karen Horney, who shot back at Freudianism with (among other things) the concept of womb envy.

This Week in Terrible

Arizona is perilously close to passing a bill that would allow discrimination against members of the LGBT community for “religious” reasons. (The bill passed the state Senate and has been advanced to the Governor’s office by the House.) If you think this sounds an awful lot like the bill that Kansas tried (and failed) to pass, and an awful lot like the pro-discrimination bills that popped up in Idaho, Maine, South Dakota, and Tennessee, you might want to look into the deep-pocketed American Legislative Exchange Council, which loves to draft bills and then hand them out verbatim to state legislatures. And, yes, ALEC has been trying to lock down your ladybits in other ways as well.

Turns out that until recently, Bob Jones University was counseling sexual assault and abuse victims not to hurt Jesus by turning in a fellow Fundamentalist. (Which, lest we get too het up on one direction, is still not too far off from the sexual assault reporting policies of many non-Fundamentalist colleges and universities.)

You might want to stay the hell away from Missoula, Montana for a while.

This is hard to watch: Some Pussy Riot members were physically attacked by the Cossack militia as they tried to protest at Sochi.

This Week in Awesome

Sir Patrick Stewart spoke to MTV about his ongoing efforts to end domestic violence.

Screen Actors Guild Foundation And BroadwayWorld.com Presents Conversations With Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart

Meryl Streep may be joining Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham-Carter in the cast of Suffragette. The film is written by Abi Morgan and will be directed by Sarah Gavron.

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

L.A. Weekly listed the city’s top 10 female-fronted bands. (Thanks, Karman!) OK, plug away: What are your favorite female-led bands in your cities? Let us know in the comments.

And, to end with a bit of fun, please enjoy these hilarious women reading from gay hookup apps. (Do I need to tell you that this is not safe for work? Use your headphones.)

Have a great weekend. Get out there and make your own fun.

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