AfterEllen Huddle: What’s the most leztastic thing happening on TV this summer?


This summer is the most lesbonic summer in the history of television. Between The Voice, The Talk, The Rachel Maddow Show, Ellen, The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars, Mistresses, Defiance, R&B Divas, Degrassi, True Blood, Warehouse 13, and an honorable mention to Rizzoli & Isles, we are everywhere all the time. So we asked our writers: What’s your favorite leztastic thing happening on TV right now?

Erika Star: Michelle Chamuel has been the best part of my (pre) summer, and I drank an entire celebratory bottle of champagne Tuesday night to prove it. The folks on The Voice brought home the fact that she nailed the inner beauty contest, which is valid, but she’s also gorgeous, wildly talented, and gorgeous. Not getting first place did wonders for Clay Aiken, Vicci Martinez and Jennifer Hudson‘s careers, and if her coach, or my squeals of delight, are any indication, Justin Bieber like celebrity is in her near future. I’m already camping outside for tickets.

Trish Bendix: The character of Bullet on The Killing. Talk about a different kind of lesbian on TV! A boarding school dropout that lives on the street and seeks to protect her young female friends from pimps, johns and other creeps? She’s the hero of this season, and Bex Taylor-Klaus is fearless and amazing in the role. I can see from her Twitter and Instagram feeds that she’s inspiring young baby dykes everywhere.

Lucy Hallowell: No one will be surprised that my vote goes to The Fosters for putting parents on ABC Family who aren’t negligent, homicidal, or the worst. They also get bonus points for their interesting play with gender and stereotypes when it comes to the moms. Stef, the cop and more butch of the two is the one who was married to a dude and birthed a kid. Lena the gentler, more feminine one will be sporting a bitchin’ white tux ensemble next week while Stef is popped in a dress. They don’t make any big stink about it but they are subverting gender roles and expectations with these two.

Elaine Atwell: My vote goes to the entire town of Rosewood, for giving lesbians a place to visit every week where they feel respected.

Bridget McManus: HBO’s documentary The Out List starring literally* everyone in the world that is gay, including Ellen DeGeneres, Wanda Sykes and Suze Orman. (*Not literally.) This summer also marks my five year wedding anniversary to my amazing wife Karman Kregloe. That’s pretty fucking gay!


Dana Piccoli: Paige and Emily pushing the beds together in their future purple dorm room of lady lurve.

Valerie Anne: Mia Kirshner making us all forget about Jenny Schecter via sweet lady kisses with Jaime Murray on Defiance.

Jill Guccini: Because I’m out of the loop with pretty much everything else lately for some reason, I have to say that I just really love Monifah and Terez on R&B Divas. The whole show is so queer friendly—they had a gut-wrenching AIDS episode this sesaon, and the drag bar scene from last season is one of my favorites—but Monifah and Terez specifically are breaking down so many walls, and doing it so genuinely. The discussions about gay marriage, what to do when your own children don’t agree with your love, being successful in the music world while being out, all of it, within the black community, is so important, and not seen on TV enough.

Heather Hogan: My babies. My perfect, perfect babies.

What’s your favorite leztastic thing happening on TV this summer?

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