Getting Some Play: The games women make


The games women make

2012 has been absolutely revelatory on the subject of women in the videogame industry. There was the storm of controversy over Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes vs. Women in Videogames series (which is still, of course, a thing). Countless articles have been written about the reaction to sexist advertising or attitudes from within the industry. In short, there’s been a lot (a whole lot) of conversation – constructive, and, well, much less so.

Well, I recently spotted this wonderfully weighty list of games that wouldn’t exist without their female creators (linked via Giant Bomb’s awesome Worth Reading column), have a look! And don’t forget that the recent Halo 4 had Kiki Wolfkill as its Executive Producer and Bonnie Ross as the head of developer 343 Industries’ studio.


Things have slowed down considerably (just in time for all the game journalists to pick their games of the year for 2012, yes?), but there are still a few games trickling out after the fall deluge.


Just yesterday, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition arrived on iOS and Android devices. If you’re a fan, be sure to also check out the recent feature in Edge regarding the making of the classic.

In case you haven’t been playing the series on PC, The Walking Dead arrives on Xbox 360 and PS3 on December 11. The disc has all five episodes of the excellent adventure game, for a cool $30. There’s also a collector’s edition available for Walking Dead-heads.


The well-received Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed arrives on PS Vita on December 11 as well, and Hawken will make its debut on PC on December 12. Thus ending the ports section of this week’s Incoming.

Puzzle fans should keep their eyes open for Toki Tori 2 on December 20, on both the WiiU (via the eShop) and PC.

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