Morning Brew – Thursday, May 17: Jane Lynch is Rachel Maddow’s “Best New Thing In The World,” science says gaydar is legit


Last night Ali Davis emailed me and said, “You’re all over this interview segment of Jane Lynch on Rachel Maddow, yes?” And I was like, “Whaaaat?” Because I didn’t even know it was happening. Usually such a confluence of glory causes an atmospheric shift I can feel in my bones! This morning I watched the interview, and oh, it moved me. I mean, of course it’s smart and hilarious, but there’s something really poignant about two proud lesbian pop culture icons talking to each other about how shifting social culture promotes equality.

The truth behind that ten-minute conversation is why I do what I do at

Earlier this week, Bridget McManus told us about Jay-Z coming out in full support of same-sex marriage. Well, yesterday, The Awl counted ten rap stars who have voiced their support for marriage equality:

Our friends at ego trip count Jay-Z’s comments to CNN Monday as the fourth example of a notable rapper to have “publicly voiced some progressive opinion on the issue.” (After Chuck D, El-P and Fat Joe.) But there have been more! 50 Cent, Eminem, Prodigy, ASAP Rocky and Lil B have, too. And N.O.R.E, who last year told XXL magazine, “If a gay person bothers you, that’s because they know something about you that you don’t know about yourself yet… Nobody should really care what happens in someone else’s bedroom… That’s their lifestyle. It doesn’t bother me. I live my lifestyle my way. It doesn’t bother me.”

Guys, Gaydar is an actual thing, according to Science. Yesterday, Gawker quoted a Public Library of Science study that asserts: “People are capable of correctly judging a person’s sexuality ‘with above-chance accuracy’ just by looking at their face.” Stats:

Some 130 University of Washington students were presented with just under 100 black-and-white photos of men and women — each one flashed for less than a second. Hairstyles, facial hair, makeup, and glasses were absent in all photos to sidestep “easy clues.” Participants, the study concluded, were able to accurately judge the sexual orientation of both the men and women in the photos over 50% of the time. In fact, the sexual orientation of women were correctly guessed in two-thirds of all cases.

So all that Real Person Slash shipping you’ve been doing? Science says it’s research.

Well, it looks like President Obama‘s coming out is complete.


That’s pretty much exactly how my coming out went with my dad and step-mom, rainbow sparkle cake and everything.

Westboro Baptist Church was at it again last weekend on the campus of Washburn University in Topeka when a nine-year-old kid decided to teach them a lesson.

Photo courtesy of Patty Akrouche’s Facebook

“Josef was determined to make his own statement so we went to the car and with pencil and his sketch pad, he made up his own little sign that reads ‘GOD HATES NO ONE,’ ” his mom wrote. “Those people are scary but he stood strong, was respectful and stood by his convictions. He will be a good man, I have no doubt. I got my Mothers Day present early.”

Counter-protesting before he even graduates elementary school. Way to be a hero, Josef Miles!

By the way, I think Zach Braff just invited us all over for a kegger!

I hope it’s a Garden State reunion rager and Natalie Portman shows up!

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