Morning Brew – Friday. May 11: Tegan and Sara in “Rolling Stone,” a sneak peek at tonight’s new “Lip Service”


Good morning, Brewbies. Trish Bendix is honeymooning it up in Maui, so I’ll be doling out your daily dose of morning lesbianism for the next week.

Let’s kick off Friday with something amazing. You know how Veronica Mars fans sent Mars Bars to the CW when they wanted to keep the show on the air, and Roswell fans sent bottles of Tabasco sauce to CBS, and Arrested Development fans sent Banana Baskets to Fox? Well, it turns out lesbian fans are a little more forward than all that that. Earlier this week, Pretty Little Liars boss and all-around awesome lady Marlene King tweeted a photo of a gift she’d received from Emaya fans: Ten badrillion ballpoint pens inscribed with “We want Maya alive and written back in the script.”

Photo courtesy of Marlene King’s Twitter

Never, ever underestimate the power of a lesbian fandom. Also, though, you gotta be careful what you wish for on Pretty Little Liars ’cause that show will turn the deepest desires of your heart into an Edgar Allen Poe short story faster than you can say, “Blind girl craft fair.”

Rolling Stone has published some gorgeous behind the scenes photos of Tegan and Sara in the studio as they work on their new record. The photos, taken by Lindsey Byrnes, are all hilariously captioned by Tegan as she gives fans a step-by-step guide to creating your own record. (“Step 1: Match glasses and shirt.” “Step 2: Throw a ‘wear crazy shoes and socks day!'”)

Photo by Lindsey Byrnes/Courtesy of Rolling Stone

You can check out the full set of photos at

BBC3 has released a sneak peek at tonight’s episode of Lip Service, in which Lexy finds out how that whole “friends with benefits” thing is all sex and giggles until one lezzer inevitably falls in love with the other lezzer.


Oh, Bea. How could you ever have expected to compete with Hot Cop DS Sam Murray, especially since she’s spent the last two episodes running wild and free through Glasgow in a tank top.

On Wednesday, Politico published a piece about why Robin Roberts landed the interview in which President Obama came out in full support of gay marriage.

She’s a respected journalist who knows both Barack and Michelle Obama well, isn’t regarded as a difficult “gotcha” interrogator and whose own identity — and shared love of sports with the president — was a key factor in the decision to grant her one of the biggest gets of the president’s time in office, according to insiders at ABC and elsewhere.

Photo courtesy of The White House/Getty Images

But yesterday, Gawker took it a step further, saying that the real reason Roberts landed the interview is because of the “near-open secret that Roberts is a lesbian.” They’ve got several industry quotes, and even one person who was happy to offer up an assessment of Roberts’ girlfriend: “She’s around the building all the time—very attractive and well-dressed.”

Roberts is not openly gay, but the rumors surrounding her sexuality are something our readers also commented about the day her interview with President Obama was released.

Filming for the third season of Glee is drawing to a quick close, with cast members tweeting their goodbyes from set. Amber Riley‘s tweet scares me. Is she not coming back for season four?


I’ve seen some spoiler pics from the finale that seem to hint that Finn maybe isn’t the life-ruiner I’ve always accused him of being, but I’ll believe that when I see it with my own eyeballs!

Finally,’s 2012 Hot100 voting officially begins on Monday! The voting process will be the same as in previous years. (A voting form with ten entry boxes for you to enter your nominees). Though this time around, readers will be able to vote once per day. (The form will allow one submission per IP every 24 hours.) And there’s also a voting widget on our Facebook page. We haven’t advertised it yet, but it’s active now if you want to get a jump start on your voting! Otherwise, look for the official Hot 100 kickoff announcement and regular voting form on Monday.

Stick around. We’ve got an exciting day for you today!

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