Coachella 2010: More queer every year


Then I saw Them Crooked Vultures, and I really can’t say enough about Jay-Z — or maybe I’ll just randomly speak of him throughout this little recap as if he isn’t one of the hugest most famous people that I have ever seen standing 10 feet from me. "Oh that Jay-Z! We were totally watching Beach House together on Saturday!" As if.

Which leads me to my next point: Being that the Empire Polo Fields (home to the music festival) are just 130 miles from Los Angeles, it is a no-brainer for those who love a good stay-cation, and the celebrities come out by the hundreds. It was television, movie and musical celebrities galore this year.

I couldn’t walk more than 20 feet with out seeing someone that looked familiar that I would’ve sworn I went to high school with or knew through a friend, until after a while I realized I didn’t know them at all and they were actually famous. Which was exactly how it was while watching The Gossip (or rather Gossip as they are called now), and I tell you what, they can call themselves whatever they want, they intoxicate me. Beth Ditto delivered a high-energy performance that drew us all in and spit us out screaming for more. When she started doing the robot on stage I just about died. Really she can do no wrong in my eyes.

Beth Ditto of the Gossip

At this point I think I am going out of order, but all the days have sort of started to blend together in my mind. The xx were everything that I expected from one of the biggest buzz bands of the year and I am so happy that I was able to find a square of grass big enough to fit my shoes on it. That staged was packed.

Romy Madley Croft of The xx

I haven’t mentioned Tiesto yet. I had the most doubt in my mind about a headlining DJ — I guess you could say that large raves were never really my thing — so I had no idea what to expect. Was it even possible for a DJ to entertain tens of thousands of people on the mainstage? One man with a couple of turn tables?

I said before: I have been coming to Coachella for years and maybe I forgot to mention that I love Coachella so much that in 2007, I got a job with the promoter, Goldenvoice. That was the year that Rage Against the Machine headlined and I never thought I would see more energy on that field then I did that year.

So can a DJ control and satisfy 50,000 hipsters, rockers, hip hoppers and club kids? I stood in the middle of the field watching the crowd go completely bonkers as Tiesto played "Feel it in My Bones," his latest collaboration with Tegan and Sara, and as their faces lit up the huge screens above the mainstage, I realized that I was witnessing the why it is called trance music. It was like the light bulb went on in my brain — tah duh, get it now!


And to answer my own question: Yes, yes, yes, 50,000 times yes.

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