Chicks Getting Hitched: Wedding fashion


Bold heels

Girlie-girls can have fun with footwear, too. Ditch the plain satin pumps that you’ll never wear again. If your dress basically covers your feet anyway, why not buy a pair of fashionable neutral-colored booties that you can sport with mini skirts or jeans after you’re married? Or, if you really want to make a statement, pair your white or ivory dress with playful hot pink peep toes or sexy red stilettos.

Mix-and-match style

Just like shoes need not match handbags these days, fashion-conscious brooms who want to wear pants shouldn’t feel confined to a traditional suit. Mix it up with separates like patterned pants with a tailored vest and a funky tie. As long as all of the pieces are similar in style and texture, you will have a cohesive wedding day look that is all your own.

Short dresses

There is perhaps no other trend with which I am more smitten than the LWD (that’s little white dress for the non-wedding obsessed among you). That’s right, it is now completely acceptable to get married in a dress with a hemline above your knee. The LWD has that “I’m dashing off to city hall to tie the knot” kind of look, which makes it is the perfect option for those of us who have to make a quick jaunt to Massachusetts or Iowa to officially get married before returning to our hometowns for the big bash with family and friends.

Stylish socks

Sometimes the most interesting part of your wedding day outfit is underneath your clothes. No I’m not talking about lingerie – I’m talking about socks! Get a pair with stripes, argyle, shamrocks, or little red hearts – whatever does it for you. You will want a stylish pair that coordinates with your new wife’s shoes for the now all-important “sock portrait,” according to the latest issue of Brides magazine. It’s a little corny, I’ll admit, but cuter than a lot of other obligatory wedding day photo poses.

What will you be wearing when you walk down the aisle?

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