Chicks Getting Hitched: Have your wedding cake and eat it too

Make your own cake topper

There are some gay-friendly cake toppers out there, but since most toppers still feature one bride and one groom (yawn), I think this is a perfect DIY project for lesbian brides-to-be. Sure, you could buy two poofy white dress-class bride figurines and plop them on top of your cake, but chances are those generic toppers won’t resemble you and your lady (especially if one or both of you is not wearing a dress).

Hit your local craft store for some plain wooden or ceramic doll figures and use paint and fabric to create mini-versions of yourself and your future wife. You can customize the hair and eye colors to match your own, and even create tiny outfits that (vaguely) resemble what you’ll be wearing for your big day. If you’re really ambitious, I think this homemade cake topper is adorable. It’s a heterosexual version, but could easily be modified to resemble lesbians of all varieties.

The only acceptable fake flower

If you haven’t noticed, fabric flowers are everywhere these days – on headbands, sweaters, t-shirts, gloves, and just about everything else that will stand still long enough to have a faux bloom affixed to it. Of course, you should stick to the live variety for bouquets and boutonnieres, but fabric flowers are an excellent way to embellish the sash on your dress, to gussy up a plain satin clutch or to add a whimsical touch to your up-do. And dolls, allow me let you in on a little secret: fabric flowers are the easiest thing on the planet to make. You can use simple satin dress lining (which you can purchase for pennies at any fabric store), or spend a bit more for chiffon and tulle.

This guide has easy-to-understand instructions and helpful illustrations. Happy bedazzling!

Unconventional centerpieces

You can create stunning centerpieces without spending hundreds of dollars on cookie-cutter bouquets. Thinking outside of the vase will save you serious cash on fresh flowers – and give your tables much more personality than any peony or hydrangea ever could. Consider clusters of old-fashioned jars, gem-toned vintage goblets or rustic wooden bowls as the building blocks for your centerpieces. Add colorful fruit or romantic votive candles. Finish your creation with a handful of carefully-selected single stems – and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

The nerd in me is a little bit in l-o-v-e with this literary-themed centerpiece. It’s smart and romantic all at once, and will cost you next to nothing because you can score old (and charmingly-yellowed) hard covers at garage sales and used book stores.

Your turn! What’s your best money-saving DIY discovery? How do you plan to personalize your big day?

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