“Chicago Fire” recap (2.9): “Make it up to you”

CF 2097

So we’ve finally come to the scene we have all been waiting for. OK, fine, the Shawson scene we’re really waiting for is never going to happen except in fan fiction. Dawson finds Shay on her favorite bridge. She knows it’s her favorite because they always drive over it, even when it’s not on the way. Dawson notices this stuff because that’s the kind of friends they are. They’re the kind of friends who should be able to tell each other to go to hell and have the other know that what she really means is “I’m falling apart and I need your help.” Dawson says she knew better but she didn’t do anything and she’s sorry and wants to make it up to Shay. I can think of a dozen ways she can start making it up to Shay. For now they cry and Dawson hugs Shay tight enough to confirm that Shay is safe and not going anywhere.

CF 2098

Katie’s graduation is the worst attended graduation ever. There are about four people there but one of them is Severide who stands up and claps and embarrasses Katie just the way big brothers should. He drives her to Molly’s to buy her a beer. When they walk in everyone is there and she bursts into tears. Isabella finds Mills and asks what she can do, specifically, to thank him for helping her get the job. They leave to get into specifics in his bedroom. First step: please where this name tag so I don’t call you Gaby again.

Otis nervously stumbles over telling Severide he wants to move out but Severide is cool with it. Zoya tells Otis that he’s going to have to break up with Joe for her because he’s a good guy and shouldn’t be marrying her just to keep her in the country. She can’t do it because it would hurt Joe too much. Um, pretty sure breaking up via cousin is about as bad as the break-up text, Zoya.

At the precinct Antonio is chatting with Cruz about Leon. Leon hs to get out of town and stay gone for a long time. Cruz is pissed at Voight because he’s losing his little brother but Leon says it’s OK, they did a good thing.

CF 2099

Shay and Dawson stroll back into 51 the next morning. It’s all smiles until McLeod announces that they are closing 51 and everyone gets reassigned to other houses. They all have one shift left before the house is shut down forever. Aw man, and we just got Shawson back together!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you happy Shawson is back together?

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