“Chicago Fire” recap (2.9): “Make it up to you”

Severide walks into the apartment and the only signs of Shay are a broken vase and an empty bottle of liquor. Back at the house McAuley is giving Dawson the good news that he has asked to be her partner. She looks thrilled. Dawson, the writing it literally on the wall. Even your locker knows Shay belongs on top of you.

CF 2096

On her way out Severide stops Dawson. He needs her help finding Shay. She says, “I made my overture, she chose Devon.” Oh, there’s that jealousy. Monica Raymund’s face does this incredible, and brief, wave of hurt as she says it and then she’s back to tough, I don’t give a crap Dawson. Kelly is pissed that Dawson is happy while turning her back on Shay. He doesn’t give a shit who was wrong, he just wants Dawson to fix it. This is what we’ve been screaming at our TVs for weeks. You broke it, now fucking fix it, Dawson. Dawson tries all of Shay’s usual spots but no one has seen her. Casey agrees to help by driving Dawson around. He says, “Nobody knows her like you do.” For once, you’re right, buddy.

Zoya and Cruz take a romantic stroll while discussing courthouse weddings. His mind is elsewhere. “Elsewhere” shows up on his front step in the shape of Leon. Leon has to go on a hit as part of his initiation and Cruz tries to talk him out of it. But Leon is in it to get Doc for killing the little girl.

Severide stops by Katie’s house to drop off the dishes. When her mom comes to the door she practically humps his leg. Apparently, he’s the spitting image of his pop when they “special hugged” their way to making Katie. When the mom puts her top back on she asks if Severide is going to Katie’s graduation from cooking school. Severide didn’t know about it and Katie tries to make it seem like no big deal because her parents are blowing it off to be with their other kids.

Isabella and Mills are at another party when the Senator walks in. Mills gets pissed and Isabella says they can go. When Mills is getting their coats the Senator chats with Mills. He hired Isabella to work on his campaign even though the Senator’s wife thought Isabella was using Mills. Awkward.

Leon is in the car with Doc and trying to get him to spill about killing the little girl. Cruz is in a van with Voight, Antonio. Sadly, there’s no Detective Hairporn in sight. Leon gets Doc to incriminate himself right before the car get shot up. Leon comes out of the car covered in blood, but it’s not his. Doc is alive and spouting off about how he’s going to kill Leon.

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