“Chicago Fire” recap (2.9): “Make it up to you”


Dawson has a minute to spare so naturally she thinks of Casey and pops into his office for a quickie. But Cruz is lingering in the doorway so they’ll have to postpone their sexy times. Cruz is freaking out about Leon, so Casey suggests they get Dawson to call Antonio. Meanwhile Otis is flirting with Katie, or at least he is until Severide gives him the death stare. Mouch mistakes Otis’ flirting for an attempt to be annoying and congratulates him on having one foot out the door of the apartment already. Mills is in the bathroom, snaking a toilet when Antonio pops in to tell him that he was the first on the lottery list for the Chicago PD. Ruh roh, Petey has a big decision to make.

Shay is standing in the middle of the living room leaving a message on Devon’s voicemail. She says she doesn’t care why Devon stole everything. She only wants Otis and Severide’s stuff back. She says “if I meant anything at all to you” and we just want to hug that tiny, broken, smart ass.

CF 2094

The Chief tells Severide he got another call about Shay being late to her shift. Severide starts to make an excuse and then tries to call her. Antonio is explaining the new hierarchy of Leon’s gang. Antonio tries to calm Cruz down. Trust me, says the guy who got shot what 87 times last season? Sure, buddy.

Severide asks Dawson if she’s heard from Shay. Dawson says, “I don’t hear from Shay ever. It’s the new Shay.” Dawson, you’re an ass. They get called out to save a dude stuck in a trash compactor. On the way Cruz gets word that Leon is fine, but they didn’t get the confession they needed. Debbie Downer gives a running commentary of everything that could go wrong while everyone else works to get the guy out.

Shay is wandering the city looking sad in her standard issue lesbian slouch hat. A lady knocks into her and yells at Shay for not watching where she’s going. Jeez lady, way to kick a girl when she’s down. Shay stands at the edge of the bridge and weeps while she ponders why Chicago can dye the river green for St. Patrick’s Day but can’t make it blue for the rest of the year.

CF 2095

Otis is back and ready to bang on the drum all day if it means he can skip out on his lease. Also interested in banging is Dawson who texts Casey. When Casey hops up to follow her McAuley notices and says something to Mills. Dawson is waiting for Casey in the shower and they continue their sexcapade bingo through the firehouse. They’re just a tryst on the aerial away from winning. Around the firehouse Clarke is apologizing to Herrmann for yelling at him earlier when Capp tells him it’s time to go for a ride with Severide. Boden is working on ‘The Wizard’ when his assistant checks in before she leaves. There’s been no word from McLeod, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

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