“Chicago Fire” recap (2.9): “Make it up to you”


The call is to help a cop who scurried out onto a roof to save a cat and got himself stuck. Debbie Downer mumbles about getting ready for the splat, Herrmann makes a crack about rescuing Reno 911, and the cop makes everything worse by breaking an electrical cable and falling halfway off the roof. They save his ass but maybe next time he should remember that every kitten figures out how to get down whether or not you ever show up.

Back at the firehouse, Otis begs Mouch to let him hold the remote control (not a euphemism). He misses watching television and thinks he made a big mistake moving in with Shayveride. But he doesn’t want to make Shay feel worse about her “gal pal” ripping them off. Gal pal? Really? Are you 97 years old? Mouch tells him that all he has to do is dial up the annoying to eleven and he’ll be out of the apartment in no time.

In the garage Mills is playing with Pouch so he can avoid fixing the toilets. He asks Dawson what’s new and she says “nothing, why? Do I look like I just banged Casey in the rig? Because that totally didn’t happen.” She says she has something awkward to talk about, and it’s not actually about Casey or plumbing, but about Isabella. She heard what happened at the “bring a person of color as your date” party and she says he’s over-thinking everything.

CF 2092

Katie appears in the garage and Dawson and Mills ask her if she’s lost. she shows them a beet salad but they still don’t understand who she is or what she’s doing there. “I carried a watermelon, guys!” When she says she’s Severide’s sister Dawson’s face says “a lady Severide? I’m never going to get Shay back now!”

Herrmann gives Katie grief about the vegetarian lasagna while Severide gives Mouch a lesson on the birds and the bees. Look how far you’ve come, Kelly. At the start of the season you couldn’t count to nine months and now you’re giving full on sex ed to Mouch. Everyone thanks Katie for lunch and she makes the dorkiest celebration ever. Can we keep her, please?

CF 2093
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