“Chicago Fire” recap (2.7): “Lovers quarrel”


Casey races back to find Marcus who it turns out sent his daughter to get him some lunch right before the crash.  Mills and the Chief get out while Severide is trying to open the relief valve.  He needs a set of vice grips so Mills comes running with his tiny tool (not sure this is the way to impress Clarke, Pete).  Severide hands Mills a flare and Mills chucks it at the end of the hose for a perfect strike.  Baseball sure would be more exciting if a third strike was accompanied by a fireball.

Casey finally finds Anna, who asks where her dad is.  Clarke runs over to Weston.  Doctor Death says that he couldn’t save him even if he had an ambulance.  Clarke holds Weston’s hand while he dies.  Later, Dr. Bossy remembers Dawson from when she shadowed Hallie.  He gives them his card and tells them that he’s always willing to help good people.  It’s a nice moment punctuated by Shay giving Dawson the greatest “I still fucking hate you” face.

CF 20710

McLeod is waiting at the house when everyone returns.  She sneers about how the system obviously works because the house improvised their way to saving lives.  I have expected her to say, “Tut-tut it sounded like you were questioning me and to question me is to question the Minister of Magic.”  Where is a pack of centaurs when you need a good Umbridge beat down?  She tells the Chief to bring his badge to his exit interview the next day.

Heather Darden shows up to tell Casey that she’s out of prison and is taking the boys and heading to Florida.  There are too many ghosts of dead husbands and friends she killed in Chicago so she’s starting over.  Casey’s the good guy who only wishes her the best but man it sucks she taking his fake kids with her.

In the garage Dawson is trying to talk to Shay.  She asks for a minute but Shay says, “Not now” and assures Dawson that she’s fine.  Dawson notices that Shay has crumpled the doctor’s card and left it on the floor.  Shay hops into Devon’s sweet ride.  Devon asks about Shay’s “lover’s quarrel.”  Shay, even your girlfriend ships Shawson.  Dawson gazes longingly as Shay rides away.  Oh, will you two just do it already!

CF 20711

Boden slips his badge in his pocket before listening to a HIPAA approved message from his doctor saying that his tests were negative.  Mills comes by to tell Boden that he spent so much of his time being pissed.  He’s watched how Boden puts himself on the line for everyone in the house and regrets that he lost that time to being angry.

Benny is waiting at Kelly’s car to tell him that he’s sorry for being a shitty dad.  He knows he cuts and runs when things don’t go his way but he’s going to be there for his boys.  He rides off to a bumblebee soccer game to make up for all the time he missed with Kelly and Katie.  But because he’s Benny he asks Severide to tell Boden the house is his and to look out for his sister.  Why do the hard stuff when you have kids to do it for you?

Boden’s exit interview with Viola Swamp is intercut with scenes of Clarke returning to his wife.  He apologizes, lip quivering, face contorted against his tears, and she lets him in.  Herrmann is studying for the lieutenant’s exam, unsure if he can take another defeat.  The crew meets at Molly’s for a drink while Severide shows up at Katie’s restaurant at the end of her shift to have dinner with her.  Looks to me like Katie is a soup chef, so maybe Shay has a shot with a Severide after all.  Boden speaks of how each person has seen things that will rock him or her to the core and that each time they get up again.  He isn’t going to give up on his house, on the firefighters who risked their necks to save him.  I like the looks of a Boden vs. McLeod rematch.

CF 20712

The Dardens are getting out of Dodge.  Casey offers Griffin a replica he made of his dad’s badge.  Griffin, that greedy bugger, asks if he can have Casey’s, too.  Casey says sure.  Ben bounds out and offers his G.I. Joe to Casey so he won’t forget them.  Ben you are by far the better brother.  The all hug before the Dardens head out.  Let’s hope they don’t kill anyone on the drive.

Whew!  That was a heck of an episode.  What were your favorite parts?

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