“Chicago Fire” recap (2.7): “Lovers quarrel”


Inside the train car, Clarke finds a guy testing out the corkscrew on his Swiss Army knife on a lady’s skull.  Clarke is horrified until he realizes that this guy might know what he’s doing.  The guy, Weston, heads back to help more people.  That knife has twelve attachments, might as well try them all.  Outside a lone cop car shows up instead of the ambulances they actually need.  The cop recognizes Mills from his CPD ride-alongs.  It seems Mills, channeling his inner pre-schooler who can’t decide on a Halloween costume,  hasn’t decided if he wants to be a cop or a firefighter.

Clarke finds Weston helping another injured rider and notices Weston is wearing dog tags.  He’s a combat medic home for a week.  He tells Clarke that he can “smell jarhead from a mile away.”  I think there’s an ointment for that, bro.   Marcus is hobbling around looking for his daughter and being a pain in the ass.  If Casey didn’t have to keep propping you up, man, he might be able to actually find your daughter.  He asks Casey if he’s a father and he says yes.  Casey, that’s just a lie, dude.  If Severide said he was a dad, we’d believe that but dude, you’ve got zero game.  He trots off to look for the kid right as the propane tanker catches fire.  Casey asks Peeta and Katniss to start dousing it with water.

A car pulls up and Dawson tells the guy to beat it but he’s the cavalry.  He’s the chief of trauma surgery at Lakeshore and he’s wearing his standard issue, surgeon, bossypants.  He starts telling everyone what to do.  The tanker vents and Boden saves Herrmann from a giant fireball.  Tick, tock everyone, that thing is going to blow.  Inside the train, Weston passes out and Clarke finds out that he has a massive, black bruise indicating internal bleeding.

Shay is tending to a wounded passenger and muttering that the person has to be okay.  Dawson is watching her from the next tarp over.  Dr. Bossy asks if there’s a problem.  Yes, dude, these two are in love and Dawson can’t keep her eyes off of Shay.  She denies there’s anything wrong (she leaves out the PTSD and the fact that she was awful) and he tells her to put her head down and focus on the task at hand.  Apparently, he doesn’t know that the task at hand is making sure Shay isn’t about to have a complete breakdown.  The treatment, obviously, is sweet lady kisses.

CF 2077

The pumper seal blows and they have to improvise with the aerial to try to keep water on the propane tank.  Dawson takes over taking care of Weston.  Dr. Bossy tries to send Weston to the black tarp but Dawson won’t have it.  She overrules him because she’s bad ass like that.  Severide stops by the tarp to ask Shay is she’s OK.  She says no and he tells her she only has to get through today.

CF 2078

There are a couple of workers missing so the Chief and Mills rush in to find them.  The ceiling collapses on them.  While in there the water runs out and the pressure release valve on the tanker melts.  The Chief tells everyone to evacuate because the thing is going to blow up but they won’t do it.  Instead Severide rushes toward the tank and they rig a line to vent the propane.  Herrmann and a crew run around to try to get the Chief and Mills out.  Casey is still playing a one sided game of Marco Polo with that little girl.

Shay rushes over to help Weston but Dr. Bossy stops her.  He says he’ll take care of Weston instead.  Shay is holding it together with chicken wire and bubblegum this episode and it’s heartbreaking to watch her struggle to keep going.  Doctor Death rips off Weston’s red tag and makes him a black tag.  So long, Weston.

CF 2079

Mills and Boden are having a heart to heart in the rubble, as is typical.  They play truth or dare, which is really just truth because what can they do under a ton of debris?  Boden wants to have a little chat about Peter Mills and the PD.  Petey at the PD sounds like the name of a picture book.  Mills tells Boden that he went to the PD because he heard about Boden banging his mom.  Before they can continue this episode of Jerry Springer, Herrmann arrives. 

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