“Chicago Fire” recap (2.7): “Lovers quarrel”

Dawson is helping carry in groceries and asks Severide where the hell his lesbian sidekick is.  He channels Shay in the last episode and says he doesn’t know, he’s not her babysitter.  Dawson mumbles that someone should be.  Are you volunteering, Gabriela, because I am sure Shay wouldn’t mind you sitting on her. Ahem.  Casey notices that the truck has a leak because he’s a detective and also there’s a swimming pool under it.

CF 2073

A lady shows up saying she’s Clarke’s wife.  He’s less than friendly since she left him a month after he got back from the Middle East.  She wants to say she’s sorry and start over but he’s not having any of it.  As he walks away Devon’s shaggin’ wagon pulls up.  Shay kisses Devon and  jumps out.  She swaggers in, her face lit from within by the magic known as the multiple female orgasm.  She tells Dawson to stop with all the heavy breathing and that she knows she’s late.  Dawson takes a look at the rainbow of wristbands and handstamps Shay is sporting and offers to get a replacement.  Dawson, you of all people should know there is no replacing Shay.  So will you two just kiss and make up already?

CF 2074

The Chief walks into the meeting room and congratulates everyone on how well they have handled the turmoil.  He puts on the kind of smile you give when you find out that girl you have a crush on is seeing someone else.  It’s polite, and masks his true feelings. Anyone watching closely enough can see the places where the hurt leaks through.  The good news is the house is staying open, but from behind it Boden tells the house he’s retiring from the CFD.  Before they can all process their disbelief they are called out.

They head out and Otis jinxes it all by hoping for a quick resolution.  The call is to a derailed commuter train that plowed into a warehouse.  The scene is a mess of injured people, a tanker truck filled with propane, and a couple of cars on fire.  The truck’s pump is a little iffy and the relief trucks are coming from across town.  While Severide clears the warehouse Clarke uses his big tool to impress Mills to open the train doors.

Shay and Dawson are doing triage on the injured passengers.  In the middle of bandaging a leg, Shay is overcome by a flashback.  She fights it as Dawson talks to her but runs off to find more supplies.  Guys, can someone please step in and help this girl before she starts cheating on Dawson in an on-call room?

CF 2075

Shay walks back with more triage tags and hands them to Dawson.  She gives one to Marcus, a dad with a metal rod in his leg and a missing daughter.  He wants to know what the colors mean and Shay tells him, “just be glad you’re not wearing a black one.”  She disappears to help more people and Dawson can’t believe what Shay said.  Maybe if you didn’t go around blaming her for traumatic events Gaby!

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