“Chicago Fire” recap (2.2): “Packing all weekend”

Antonio drops by to say that Heather’s friend died and now she’s looking at a manslaughter charge. Casey meets with Heather at the jail. Heather tells him that she took a plea deal and will be in for 15 months rather than risking a longer sentence. Orange is the new black and Darden is the new daffodil. She asks Casey to take care of the boys while she’s gone. So, Casey is the new Larry? God I hope not, that guy is a schmoe. Casey tells the firehouse that the Darden kids will be living with him for the next 15 months or so and asks for help. Everyone rallies and promises to help.

Herrmann is taking the Mouch show to another firehouse. Mouch starts off rattled because he doesn’t have his lucky stool and things get worse from there. He drops his note cards and fumbles over his words. The only good thing that happens is when the alarm rings and everyone has to leave. Saved by the bell, Mouch.

Shay and Amy R., the realtor who flies under the gaydar, are checking out an apartment. Amy says “here’s the bedroom where we’d have sex” but Shay can’t tell if Amy’s gay or not. I think it’s the jacket. That WASP suit jacket has jammed gaydars for decades. Shay tries a few awkward but very subtle maneuvers like asking if Amy has an ex-husband, if she’s a top or a bottom, and if she likes to #BooRadleyVanCullen. Shay you adorable little Dana Fairbanks. You should have asked Renee to lend you Shane for a little undercover, soup chef, mission. In a pinch, I bet Dawson and the boys would help you out too.

CF 20211

Renee is packing her clothes when Severide gets to his room. She says she had a test done and the baby belongs to the Spaniard she had a one night stand with when she was abroad. She’s sad and he’s sad and it’s all around a bummer of a scene. I know Sarah Shahi has a new gig, and I know I wanted the baby storyline to end, but her face is just so sad.

CF 20212

 Back at the firehouse Shay asks if there is anything she can do. Severide just needs a place to live and she happens to have an in with a realtor. She say they can take the three bedroom Amy showed her and everything will be okay. Shayveride forever. We interrupt this hug to go fight a fire at Mills’ family restaurant. When they get there the place is up in flames but no one is inside. Instead of heeding the Chief’s call to stay out, Mills goes rushing in to get his dad’s medals. He gets the medals and an earful from his mom and Boden for being a stupid prat for trying to get himself killed. Mills hands Boden one of the wire sculptures. I’m no expert but that’s not a Calder, and this wasn’t a kitchen fire.

Back at the firehouse Gail McLeod is waiting for everyone. She tells everyone that allowing visitors to the house, especially kids, to ride on the trucks is a violation of policy and a huge liability. Herrmann smells a Clark-shaped rat. Everyone gets together to brainstorm who is setting the fires. Severide uses his beautiful mind to conclude that it’s a firefighter who is targeting their house by torching the most dangerous buildings in their district. Hmm who hates everyone in their house, especially Mills and Severide?

At Casey’s home for lost boys, he explains to the Darden boys that they will be staying with him for a while. He says their mom can’t come home but they can go visit her. Casey assures them that he and the rest of the firefighters from 51 are going to take good care of them (just like they took good care of their dad).

Dawson and her date are back at the bar and she scurries off to get some fancy cognac to share with Mr. Iced Tea. While she’s gone he ups his sketchy cred by checking out what’s in her cash register (not in a dirty way). This dude and his girls drinks can’t be trusted. Come on Dawson! You and Shay are dating disasters, maybe you should just date each other.

CF 20213

The episode ends with Severide sauntering into a bar to find Hadley drinking alone. You may remember Hadley as the charming racist who called Mills a “mutt” last season and got fired. He’s been having trouble getting any work since then. Severide asks if that’s why Hadley’s setting fires.  Hadley finds this amusing and dares Severide to prove it. Severide tells him he’s going to and marches out.

All right, this was one of my favorite episodes so far.  What did you think?

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