“Chicago Fire” recap (2.2): “Packing all weekend”

Ladies, sit down for this next bit. Are you sitting? Good, because this is not a drill, Shay and Dawson are showering together. Well, together in separate shower stalls, but who is keeping track. Dawson says Renee sure looked pissed when she stormed out of the firehouse. Shay says, “I know, it was kind of hot.” She worries that maybe she got the math wrong (you didn’t) because she’s not an obstetrician. Shay, you’re being modest. I’m sure you’ve delivered a baby or two as a paramedic and, frankly, I feel confident that you are an expert when it comes to the relevant area.

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While Cruz and Otis bang on the door to get in (not very gentlemanly, boys) the ladies chit chat about how they both need to make out more. Sorry, that’s not what they said? Fine, they need to get out more because having your social life revolve around firehouse 51 and Matthew Casey is not getting it done.

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Severide meets with his dad, Bad News Benny, and they talk about the arsons. Benny doesn’t think Big John is the right guy. Kelly gets pissed and tells his dad that he’s wrong. Benny pats Kelly on the head and humors him.

Cruz is flirting with Otis’ cousin at Molly’s but Otis can’t kick him out because he’s their only customer. Mr. Long Island Ice Tea is back and flirts a little with Dawson. She asks him to a scotch tasting and the dipshit pauses. Are the men on this show blind or just monumentally stupid?  He says yes but the next day Dawson tells Shay that there was a definitely hesitation. Guys, if a woman who looks like Dawson asks you out, you say yes and then roll over and thank your lucky stars. Anyway, Dawson tells Shay she should come and bring someone.  Shay says no because she’ll be “packing all weekend.”  Girl, if you find the right date you can go to the tasting and still spend your weekend “packing” with a friend.  Ahem.

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Shay’s phone rings and Dawson asks who Amy R. is. She’s the realtor who has been showing Shay apartment and maybe hitting on her. Dawson laughs about how shitty Shay is at sorting out who is gay and who is just your typical, friendly, softball player. This is a fair point considering how Shay overestimated the lesbianism of several of her lady lovers last season.

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They arrive at their call to find a lady who “fell down the stairs” and her polo and sweater-wearing husband.  Since he’s wearing the uniform of every asshole in an ‘80s movie, the women are appropriately suspicious. The lady’s brother walks in and starts beating the crap out of the husband. Shay gets chucked against a wall because no one has tried to kill her yet this episode.

Back at the house, Narcy Clarky is on the phone with McLeod telling her that she’s put him in a tough situation. Mills walks in and Clark takes off.  Mills tells Casey there’s something up with Clark and Casey calls him out for being jealous that Clark has his spot on Squad. The campaign brain trust is working on Mouch’s stump speech. After a bumpy start, he gets it and Herrmann is thrilled to take the show on a barnstorming trip through every firehouse in the city.

Casey and Dawson are in his living room talking about how Friday is going to be his last night with the Darden boys and would Dawson like to come over, have some Chinese food, and watch a movie?  She shoots him the most delightful, mischievous smirk, and says she can’t because she has a dinner thing. Casey covers his embarrassment by trying to be a supportive friend. You choked dude, you kissed her on the cheek and blew your chance.

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