“Chicago Fire” recap (2.18): Shawson and the Seven Dwarves


Back at 51, Herrmann wants to know if anyone has heard a peep out of Jones. Casey checks his phone while the guys plan their night of guy fun. McAuley objects to the party being held at Cruz and Otis’ place because no one can smoke. God, life really is no fun without lung cancer, isn’t it? He says he’ll host. Casey balks at coming until McAuley waves a rack of ribs in his face. Casey wags his tail and says he’s in.

Down at the precinct Severide is busy retrieving Bloom. Platt lays down the law. She’s delightful, I hope she never leaves. Outside the precinct, Bloom tries to sell Severide a load of crap. Severide isn’t buying and he tells Bloom to show up at the rehab facility or go work it out with Platt. Suddenly, rehab looks like a lot of fun.

Casey finds Jones’ father and tries to tell him that his daughter is taking the move off of truck really hard and maybe he should reconsider. Papa Jones couldn’t care less what his daughter thinks, feels, or wants. Yes, he’s running for congress as a Republican.

CF 2187

Back at the love shack in the woods, Shay and Dawson are munching some muffins, (okay fine, it’s popcorn) while they listen to the Bickersons. Shay can’t believe they haven’t starting playing drunk Boggle yet. Get wild, ladies. Get wild. Before they can start their night of word nerd debauchery perfect husband runs his truck into a tree. Lucky for them the ladies haven’t started drinking yet and are pretty good at saving lives. Shay grabs an ax and whittles the guy a splint for his leg. The Bickersons start apologizing like crazy. Dawson takes notes for when she sees Casey again.

CF 2188

Boden asks Herrmann if he still has contact information for the lady firefighters union. He’d like to help Jones find a mentor. Seriously? Herrmann who was like “there is no place for lady bits in a fire” helps train women? Okay. In other news, I’m the Easter Bunny. Herrmann asks if everything is okay with Jones. This I believe. Herrmann is a dope, and can be a sexist jerk, but with an individual person he’s a decent guy. Boden says Jones is fine but just needs someone to talk to.

Meanwhile, the guy who tried to marry a girl so she didn’t have to go back to Russia, the guy who got his junk snipped as an anniversary present, the guy who already blew it with Dawson, the guy who is trying to blow it with Dawson, and Severide (whose longest relationship was a week and a half) are giving Mouch tips on dating. Yikes. Boden break up the party by calling Kelly in for a chat.

Back in the woods, Dawson bosses the ambulance crew around and Shay has to remind her to save the bossing for their role play later. Dawson says, it’s been a few hours, I miss Matt. Shay, and the rest of us, roll our eyes. Sorry, Shay your sexy, drunk Boggle is going to have to wait.

Boden tells Severide that Bloom’s insurance will cover rehab. Bloom was injured in one of the worst fires in the history of that city. Ten firefighters died. Looks like there’s more happening under the surface, gentlemen. Severide heads to the rehab facility and waits for Bloom to show up. He’s late and Severide gives up only to run into Bloom outside. Bloom downs a final beer, chucks the can, and they head inside together.

Mouch and his date are sipping wine and being awkward. He babbles about the kind of shitty beer he normally drinks (it’s the kind that should stay in frat basements). She says her ex-husband thought she talked too much but Mouch likes it. She’s full of all the sort of inane facts he likes to spout. A match made in dork heaven.

CF 2189

Herrmann is tending bar at Molly’s when Jones walks in looking for Dawson. He asks if she got everything squared away with her dad. Sure, she has one more shift at 51 before she gets transferred to PR. Herrmann wants to know why her Pop is such a jerk. Turns out when she was a kid she was in a car accident with her mom. Her mom died, so her dad thinks of that day whenever he sees her. Herrmann says she has a family at 51 that loves her (even though they tried to get her booted after one shift). She wants Dawson to know she stopped by. Herrmann rushes after her and says any time she wants to talk she’s welcome to come by the bar and chat all night. She thanks him and says she’s got it all figured out.

Poker night at McAuley’s looks like the night when McAuley wins enough to pay his mortgage. McAuley’s wife walks in and all the guys all off their chairs in shock. Not only is Debbie Downer married, but his wife is hot. Maybe there’s hope for you guys, yet. Well, not you Chout. Casey sneaks off to call Dawson. He leaves a message about how much he loves her and misses her and apologizes for being a douche.

CF 21810

Jones takes out some stationary to write a note. But this isn’t a “thank you for the new coat, grandma” kind of note. She’s crying as she writes it and that ominous feeling you’ve had all episode crystallizes. She writes Dawson’s name on the envelope and leaves it on her kitchen table.

Dawson rushes into the house and starts making out with Casey’s face. She got some pent up sexual energy from her time with Shay and is ready to burn it off. But before that can happen the phone rings and someone tells Dawson that they found Jones’ body.

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