“Chicago Fire” recap (2.17): “She’s got that swagger”

Everyone has to go to the deposition the next day. Wow, the legal system is really speedy out their in Chicago. Shay sits down to talk to Mouch about his dating options. He knows he can’t date Dawson because she’s with Casey. Yeah, let’s go with that being the reason. Shay poked around with the people in elder care and there is a special website for those in their golden years. Mouch is offended Shay thinks he’s over 60 and storms off. Shay asks Herrmann how old Mouch is and Herrmann says they’re the same age. So somewhere between 40 and 60. Helpful, very helpful. It’s OK, Shay, you don’t spend much time looking at men, they all start to look the same, don’t they?

Casey tells Dawson they got the apartment, they just have to go meet the landlord the next day at the precise time Dawson has to go run drills for her firefighter test. Casey tells her to blow it off and he’ll help her pass. Casey you better adjust your attitude if you ever want her to blow… nevermind.

Dawson and Shay get called out and Bloom wanders in and Severide starts to show him around. Shawson is happy not to hear Ramsey over the radio on their way to help a guy claiming a carriage horse kicked him. The bruise is about a month old so Shay and Dawson give him a boo-boo sticker and are on their way.

Back at 51 the guys are playing “Twenty Awkward Questions” with Bloom. Mouch starts bitching about the lawsuit and Otis fills Bloom in on the father who saved his kids. Bloom’s eyes fill with tears and he runs out saying he has to get to an appointment. What the hell, guys? Severide wanted to make a new friend and now it’s ruined!

Dawson heads out to get a bag from her car and Ichabod Crane steps in front of her, creepy as hell. Remember what Gracie Hart taught you, Dawson; don’t forget to S-I-N-G. He feeds her a story about how she looks like his friend who died and how he just wanted to help her because he couldn’t help the other girl. He shows her a picture of the girl, but for all we know he found that in a frame at A.C. Moore. The dude is creepy as hell and probably has a murder basement. Anyway, he lost his job over everything and Dawson feels bad about it.

CF 2177

Inside the guys have borrowed their older brother’s jackets and ties and look like, a rag tag acapella group. But Jones looks like she belongs in a courtroom with the finest ADA’s Law & Order ever offered us. Inside the conference room, Casey details what happened with the rescue. He pauses to see if Mrs. Brooker wants to leave because she’s full-on ugly crying. When he’s done he tells her that what her husband did was the bravest thing he’s ever seen. Anyone need a tissue? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Severide rolls up to Bloom’s airstream hoping to pop in for a few beers and a good long chat. Bloom tells him to beat it, he doesn’t need saving, so Severide can try out his shining armor elsewhere. Maybe Severide’s just missing hanging out with Benny at his hobo camp.

At Molly’s they are thrilled Mrs. Brooker dropped the lawsuit. Dawson tries to celebrate by kissing Casey but Otis and Cruz jump in to tell them about how they snakes the apartment Dawson and Casey wanted. That’s pretty low, guys. Mouch thanks Mr. Ann Landers for his “good advice.” While Herrmann busts Casey’s balls for the terrible advice, Boden walks in for a drink. He tells Casey they are going to get screwed for taking on Jones’ father but who doesn’t love a good fight.

CF 2178

Dawson thanks Jones for helping her out. Jones is happy to help and was serious about the ladies having to look out for each other. In a surge of sisterly affection, Dawson blurts out that Jones’ dad is trying to get her chucked. Jones runs out of Molly’s and Mills runs after her. She is shockingly fast in a pair of heels. When he catches her she starts kissing him and trying to haul him back to her place. He stops her and she sprints off again. Seriously, Jones can fly.

Looks like the show is taking a break next week, but I’ll see you back for the Shawson road trip.

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