“Chicago Fire” recap (2.17): “She’s got that swagger”


Jones is sitting in the corner contemplating the human condition when Mills walks by and offers some words of advice. It’s hard to find out you can’t save everyone but you have to find a way to push past it or this job isn’t for you. Meanwhile, Shay and Dawson are cleaning up the rig and talking about the fact maybe Jones has a heart after all. Shay freaks at what she thinks is a mouse. Dawson butches up and pulls out a stuffed animal one of the kids left in the rig. It’s the size of a small dog. Ramsey calls over the radio to talk to Dawson. He wants to know if everything is OK since normal it take sixteen minutes to get back from the hospital and it took them 17 this time. Are they OK? Dawson tells him she’s not comfortable with the personal questions. He gets the message and then calls her cell phone to tell her they are connected in ways she doesn’t understand. Shit, Dawson is going to end up part a skin suit, isn’t she?

CF 2174

When they walk into the house, Shay starts to tell everyone about the nutjob but Dason cuts her off. She drafts Casey to clean up the stuff animal and to run it over to the hospital. Shay doesn’t understand why Dawson wouldn’t tell Casey about the stalker and she says, “Yeah, I’m just going to go ahead and file a complaint.” Apparently, Casey’s protective boyfriend schtick is wearing thin so Dawson is only telling her girlfriend. Dawson lights up like a Christmas tree when she suggests that it’s high time they got a cabin in the woods, a couple bottles of wine, and finally had that girls weekend away from all this craziness so they can figure out how they really feel about each other. Ladies, I think you know how you feel.

Casey and Severide are having a HIPAA violating chat with a doctor. Oh I’m so nostalgic for Season One! They go to give the little girl her stuffed animal but Mrs. Brooker comes running out and tells them to get out. If they had been faster her kids would have a father. Casey relays their warm welcome to Boden when he gets back to the house. Casey also wants to talk to Boden about Jones. He can’t believe they are going to get rid of her for no reason. Boden says it’s an impossible position.

When Shay walks in Mouch is waiting for her. He wants to talk ladies, and he wants to do it now. Shay tries the Phoebe Buffay boys are afraid of bras trick and takes off her shirt. Mouch is not to be dissuaded and presses on. He says some other stuff but you know, Shay is in a bra so I’m not sure what it was. She asks him who her perfect woman would be and he says Dawson. Get in line, Mouch.

CF 2175

Shay is saved by a call out to a car accident. A good Samaritan stopped to help a lady change a tired and got his arm nearly cut off for his trouble. He was a firefighter in Denver but was injured on the job. The crew gets him out with his arm intact.

Back at 51 Boden calls Dawson in to talk about her complaint. Turns out Ramsey is one of the bet dispatchers and nothing on their radio tapes indicates more than a friendly “hello.” Ramsey is getting a warning but nothing more. Next time, Dawson will go through Chief “I am the LAW” Boden.

Shawson is processing the debacle in the bathroom like a couple of high schoolers. Dawson is pissed and Shay keeps stoking the fire when Jones walks in and asks if she can help. A regular Frances Houseman this one, always running to daddy for help. Dawson declines the nice offer and goes back to pacing like a wild animal.

CF 2176

Severide catches up with Shay to ask about Bloom, the good Samaritan. Turns out he’s been on those pain killers for years now. Boden asks everyone to come to the common room to announce that they are being sued by Mrs. Brooker for wrongful death of her husband. Looks like she won’t be sending them a thank you note any time soon.

Severide drives up to Bloom’s airstream trailer. Bloom seems embarrassed by his surroundings. Look, it’s good enough for McDreamy. Severide tells Bloom that firefighters are brothers regardless of the city so he can come by any time he wants. Bloom says he’s got franks and beans cooking on the stove and hurries back inside and shuts the door in Severide’s face.

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