“Chicago Fire” recap (2.16): “Piece of cake”


When they get back to 51, Shay looks like a lady who has been shot at, hit by a truck, gotten a needle stick, and held at gunpoint (twice). Herrmann rushes over to give Dawson a hug. Shay, you’ll get nothing and like it. Herrmann tells Dawson he thinks they should do a combo party. Nope, Dawson doesn’t want her tapas party anywhere near his “I got snipped” party. Jones calls everyone into the lounge. Jones presents Herrmann with a very special cake to commemorate his last day before he gets neutered. Shay has some feelings about what she can’t unsee.

CF 2164

Everyone, but Carol, laughs and then the Chief clears everyone away from the HR department’s worst nightmare.

Otis finds Boden to say he’s heading out to get questioned by a pretty lady. He looks about as nervous as I am around pretty girls. Boden quotes Shakespeare, because of course he does, and then has to explain it like some human Cliff’s notes to Otis. Don’t say too much, Brian. Detective Hairporn asks about Otis last phone call to Katie before she was abducted. They were dating, see? It was perfect and lovely and then Keeler ruined it. Otis admits he drove by Keeler’s house the night keeler went missing but says he grabbed a brew and sat on a bench overlooking the lake. Erin says, “in March?” the way Gilbert Blythe says, “Fishing for lake trout?”

CF 2165

Lindsay checks in with Voight and they agree to set Otis free while she does a full work up. It’s supposed to sound ominous but I think there are plenty of ladies who would give their left arm to get a full work up from Det. Hairporn.

Jones is called into talk to Boden and Casey about what’s appropriate in the workplace. Someone complained that Jones was creating a hostile work environment and now the Chief has to write it up for her file. As a bonus, Boden and Casey will get to have a meeting with Papa Jones after their shift is done. When Jones walks by, Carol says “have a nice day.” Don’t mess with Carol, folks.

In the locker room Cruz asks Otis if there’s anything he needs. Otis thinks for a second and says “oh, yeah I need an alibi, you got one of those kicking around?” Cruz says, sure buddy, whatever you need. I guess when you’ve already killed a guy, what’s a little lie between friends?

Dawson walks into the fire department offices to drop off some paperwork so she can retake the physical test. The broad behind the desk gives her shit for quitting and tells her that the next test is three weeks past never. Dawson name checks a guy who got an exception for being sick and the lady pretends she doesn’t have a clue. So Dawson goes, “You down with RBG?” and lawyers the crap out of it. She cites precedent (the usual suspects, Marbury v Madison, Brown v. Board of Ed. etc), before dropping her paperwork on the desk. Clearly, this lady didn’t know who she was deal with and caves. Nicely done, Ms. Darrow.

CF 2166

Mouch is Herrmann’s ride to his vasectomy. No one would blame Herrmann for not wanting another kid. Herrmann objects. He would love another kid, he just doesn’t want to take anything away from the ones he already has. In the office of father of the year candidate Chief Jones, Boden and Casey are subjected to some really cute sexism. Chief Jones says he daughter has been the academy, ridden on a truck, and now it’s time for her to give up her dream and take the job he wants her to have doing PR for the fire department. Boden and Casey try to explain that Jones isn’t a problem but her dad doesn’t care. Dangerous work is not for women and it’s not for his daughter. He tells Boden to kick her out so she’ll accept the transfer.

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