“Chicago Fire” recap (2.15): Know Your Role

Jones is cooking lunch when Mills asks her what she’s making. She point to three whole tomatoes and a sprig of cilantro and says “salsa, duh.” Mouch comes in looking for food and finds that his couch is missing. Who is Mouch without his couch? Satre probably wrote something about this. Herrmann shows Mouch that the couch has been repurposed by Connie. He’s caught in an existential crisis which he will conquer after lunch.

Jones tells everyone she’s not much of a cook what with all the tree climbing she used to do with Aria Montgomery back in the day. Casey says that Jones graduated at the top of her class, surely she can figure out some basic home-ec. She bristles at the suggestion that she will be judged for her cooking but Casey reminds her it’s all part of the job. There’s some sexist shit going on, Jones, but this isn’t it. Mills got all the same crap you’re getting. Casey tells her to scrub the showers after lunch. She tells him she already scrubbed them but he doesn’t care he wants them good and clean for the next time he and Dawson grab a quickie.

Jones hurries out to the garage and plunks her ass down at the squad table and starts spilling her guts to Severide. She says she can’t get a fair shake with Casey. Help me Severide, you’re my only hope. He says, “Jones, you’re at the squad table.” Before Severide can get over the shock of that egregious display of rule breaking from Jones his dad appears. Benny has wandered out of his hobo camp to find out what the hell happened to Katie. Severide tells him there’s nothing he can do. For a couple of guys used to running into burning buildings and saving lives it seems like the hardest thing to be is powerless.

They all get called to a stabbing at the courthouse. The victim is on trial for murder and is shackled to a desk. The key breaks off in his cuffs and Casey can’t pry the chains off. He sends Herrmann and Jones out for a fire extinguisher. She gets to there and back first. They freeze the bolt and Casey breaks it so they can get the guy out of the courtroom. Jones can’t wipe the smug grin off her face. Maybe your dad doesn’t hate you because you’re a girl, Jones. Maybe he hates you because you’re insufferable.

Back at 51 she’s regaling Herrmann with all the reasons why she kicked his ass in the race for the fire extinguisher. Severide is watching her dig her own grave and calls her out of the room for a chat. He tells her the secret to success is doing her job and keeping her mouth shut. She says she was just busting Herrmann’s balls. Stop talking. She says “is it because I’m a woman?” Stop talking. She bitches some more. Severide asks “why are you still talking?”

Mouch visits his couch and tells it the separation is temporary. He and Connie will work it out but for now he’s only going to see the couch on weekends and holidays. Inside Casey is telling the Chief all about Jones and her on the job fuck ups. Boden says, “I’ll let her father know she’s doing great.” Casey offers some unsolicited advice which amounts to him basically singing that Tim McGraw song “Live Like You’re Dying.” OK, eggshell head, you’re feeling your mortality. But if you say any of this stupid shit to Boden again, he might end you.

Mouch busts in and tells Boden that Connie is out of control and he needs Boden to help. Boden smiles and nods and says, “I’m petrified of Connie. I only ask her to do things I don’t actually know how to do myself.”

Down in the garage, Shay back the rig in and hops out to say hi to Severide. She says he’s been rather quiet and wants to know if he’s been in the restricted section of the library again. He puts down his book of curses and says nope, just thinking about puppies and unicorns. Dawson says “hey look a creepy car with a rapist in it!” Severide runs out and Keeler taunts him from the passenger seat.

CF 2154

Otis wants in on whatever Kelly and the boys are planning. He says he loves Katie and Kelly reminds him that they played one game of Dork Parade and drank one milkshake with two straws. Not for nothing, Kelly but you knew Katie about ten minutes longer than Otis. Detective Hairporn swaggers in and Kelly is all, “What’s up, Erin? We’re just a couple of dudes sitting around talking about movies and shit. Do you like The Notebook?” She can smell the BS radiating off him like he’s Charlie Brown’s friend Pigpen. She reminds him that she will “haul his ass” away and in that voice she could read the damn phone book and she’d have all of us eating out of her hand. Det. Lindsay, I hate to see you go but damn, I love to watch you walk away.

Casey walks into the locker room and Cruz, Mouch, and Herrmann start bitching about Jones being cocky and entitled and not knowing her place. Casey tells them to put down their torches and pitchforks because Jones is just trying to hold her own. Dawson asks him what they were up to. Casey says that he was getting the guys to give Jones a break because they wouldn’t be complaining if Jones were a guy. Well done, Casey. Then things get weird. Dawson is all give her a fair shake but remember she’s a lying cheater who threatened me in the bathroom. When he gets protective she says, “I can handle her myself.” Poor Casey is out of his depth. He was doing so well and then he says he doesn’t want the responsibility of a woman on the truck. Oh no. They bicker some more about how he worries about Dawson and how girls can take care of themselves and wow, is this a mess.

CF 2155

Mouch hands Connie a cactus and apologizes. He says he’s in way over his head with the union business and asks her to help him. He starts crying. She tells him to “man up.” Everyone gets called out to a high rise fire. Dawson bitches about Casey and Shay understands. She suggests they unscrew the legs of Jones’ bunk and Dawson says “you really get me” and they make eyes at each other. I bet Shay could offer Casey tips on all sorts of things when it comes to Dawson.

CF 2156

The elevators are out so the team has to hoof it up 18 flights of stairs. Jones struggles for a minute to heft her gear and then kicks ass going up the stairs. When they reach the fire she’s with Casey. It’s an inferno out of my worst nightmares. Casey leaves her to pull a body out while he goes searching for more victims. She has trouble with the guy but figures out how to get him out. She gets part of the way to the door and Herrmann rushes up to help. She starts freaking out a little and he tells her she’s doing great and sends her back to help someone else. She helps Casey evacuate two victims and then hands them off to Dawson at the rig.

Back at the house Herrmann busts Jones some more, but it’s a little friendlier this time. The couch is back and Mouch takes a moment to celebrate his love for an inanimate object. Casey tells Jones that she did a very good job in the fire but that her cooking needs help. So Mills presents her with a book of recipes that even she can’t screw up. Casey says, “I hope Mills handwriting isn’t too bad. I hear you have dyslexia.” Yeah, everyone knows you’re a cheater, Jones. Mills tell her she’s going to be fine and she snaps at him. He’s the only one who has been nice to you, Jones, take it down a few notches.

Casey and Dawson are looking for a new place, and Dawson is just looking amazing per usual. Casey asks if they are OK and she says yeah. Next week maybe she’ll rediscover her dream of going to medical school, or being an astronaut.

CF 2157

Detective Lindsay walks into Molly’s and tells Severide and the brain trust that Keeler has gone missing. But the real crime is that she’s not there looking for Shay. You two would make beautiful lady babies. The boys all look guilty as hell (but my money’s on Benny).

What did you think? How happy were you to see Shawson reunited?

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