“Chicago Fire” recap (2.14): Hockey night in Chicago


It’s time for the big test and Dawson is ready to ace her O.W.L.s. She runs after Jones and is actually making good time until he stops to untangle Jones’ line from the stairs. Dawson slips and injures herself and Jones just skips away. Worst teammate ever. Dawson hobbles through the rest of the test but misses the cutoff.

CF 2147

Dawson is sitting next to some crutches when Jones and her Pops walk by. He tells Dawson it’s better to know she can’t hack it now. Jones apologizes for her dad and says he never wanted her to be a firefighter either because girls should cook and clean for firefighters not be firefighters. Oh I almost feel bad for you Jones but you’re still a cheater and an asshole.

Donna catches the Chief outside the firehouse and he tells her that he’s going to screw everything up. She is willing to take on his baggage but he breaks up with her. Also falling on her sword is Rafferty who admitted that she didn’t wait for consent and it taking a three month suspension to work out some of her residual dead fiance issues. She arranged for Dawson to take her spot and tries to make the parting less sorrowful by assuring Shay that they would have gotten into a fight and had an ugly divorce eventually. Maybe it would have ended badly but think of all the sex you’re missing out on by ending it now, Rafferty. Shay gives her a hug (but not with her legs) and sends her on her way.

CF 2148

Detective Hairporn calls Severide and says, “You’re going to want to see this.” Lady, the lesbians always want to see you. While they wait for Keeler to show up she asks what happened to Kelly’s hand. He calls it training, which is true if you consider what he did training for a bare knuckle brawl. Keller arrives and they pull him out of his car. Lindsay’s gun slips and somehow pistol whips Keeler across the face.

Severide pops into the hospital and apologizes to Katie’s mom. She says he was right and she was out of line. She’s going to do a better job of parenting Katie. Well, I guess if your baseline is your daughter getting kidnapped there’s nowhere to go but up. Katie tells Severide that her mom is taking her to Colorado. She’s been having flashbacks and needs time away. She asks Kelly to take care of Otis while she’s gone.

The next day the guys are working on their super secret project. Mouch almost electrocutes everyone. Otis shows up looking sad but hitting shit with a hammer should help. At fire safety day Dawson has her foot propped up on a chair and is handing out firefighter badges. Casey gives her a pep talk about retaking the test. She’s a firefighter damn it! (forget about the paramedic and medical school stuff). Kelly hands Nathan (the boy from the overturned backhoe) a badge and then says, “I’ve got a surprise for you.” It’s a brand new library!

CF 2149

At Molly’s Clarke asks Shay for a couple beers for his hockey buddies. Slow down, guys, don’t you want to maybe graduate to chocolate milk first? Say gets up on the bar and starts singing like Piper Perabo in Coyote Ugly. No? Fine, that’s just what happened in my head. She raffles off her hockey tickets to help buy books for the new library. She also announces that Herrmann’s test results are back and he opens them and it looks like the big lug just squeaked by with a pass. As they all celebrate Herrmann’s mediocrity, Severide gets a call from Detective Lindsay. The hockey boys give Shay tickets for all the owners of Molly’s. They want them to come to a game. Maybe they can introduce you to a nice hockey player Shay. Hockey players are very good with their hands, just saying. Casey finally tells Dawson about the fact that he was leaking blood from his ear. She’s mad he lied, again, and he promises this is the last time. Exactly how many “last lies” does this guy get? Cheater Jones shows up to introduce herself to Casey as the new candidate on Truck 81. Well this should be cozy.

Apparently, Keeler has some friends in high places and not even Erin Lindsay’s hotness can keep that asshole behind bars. Severide tells Erin to do something or he will. Tune in next week when Shay has to bail Severide out of the clink!

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