“Chicago Fire” recap (2.14): Hockey night in Chicago

In the hospital Katie tells Severide and Det. Lindsay that it was Keeler. Katie can’t bring herself to tell her big brother that Keeler raped her so Lindsay sends Severide out of the room. When Severide walks out Katie’s mom arrives and starts telling him that it’s his fault Katie got kidnapped. He snaps back. Man, Thanksgiving is going to be super awkward this year. Lindsay walks out and Severide asks what Keeler did to Katie. Oh Kelly, you’re what we call cute but dumb. The lovely Olivia Benson in training tells him and while Severide tears up Otis comes bombing in looking for Katie. Lindsay says he should go see her and then Otis punks out and runs away. Way to make this about you, Brian.

CF 2144

Dawson is rearranging her closet in preparation for her test at the academy. You wear a uniform, honey, you don’t have to coordinate an outfit. Casey comes in and lies about his brain being OK and then tells Dawson she’s going to do great. Boden is doing well at his meet the friends dinner until he get to the part where he was married twice before and didn’t tell Donna.

Shay is working at Molly’s and offers Clarke and his buddies another drink. His buddies are drinking milk. Shay gives them shit and then complains when they tip her with hockey tickets. They leave and Cruz runs over and swoons over the real, live, NHL stars who just walked out of the bar. Shay’s like, “Look, if that was Julie Chu we could talk, but those guys? I don’t do hockey hair.”

CF 2145

Boden warns everyone to be on the look out because Keeler is still free. Shay and Rafferty get called out and chat about the upcoming “lesbo night” at Molly’s. Shay asks if Rafferty is trying to come out to her and Rafferty says, “Can’t a person just be interested in if you’re single and if you like snarky brunettes?” The call is to an office where a guy can barely breath but is refusing medical attention for religious reasons. Rafferty channel her inner Dawson and takes the guy’s involuntary twitch as an indication he wants medical help. Rafferty tells Shay, “Some people need help even when they don’t realize it.” The words are “Shay, I’m gay.” Does that help?

Boden’s assistant hands Herrmann an envelope and he shoves it in his pocket. Casey tells Severide he’s really glad Katie’s OK. Yeah, she’s swell. Casey says Dawson has been having trouble with the timed test and they banter about their tests and whose “course record” is the biggest. Would you to just make out already? Severide asks about Casey’s head and Casey lies about just how rock solid it is.

They can’t finish their foreplay though because they are called out to a wreck involving a snowmobile. Seriously? When did Sarah Palin get to Chicago? Otis chats with the girl stuck in the back of the car while the guys pull the snowmobile away from her head. Of course it sparks the spilled gas and the whole thing goes up in flames a second after Otis saves the girl. Back at the house Boden congratulates Otis on a job well done and he asks for a couple of hours off. He heads over to the hospital to see Katie and they are just as dorky and adorable as ever.

CF 2146

Mills asks Boden if everything is all right with Hot Donna and the Chief says yes, but apparently that’s a bad thing. The Chief thinks he’s doomed to screw up his relationships. Boden hasn’t spoken to his stepson in months. Mills tells him that he’s a big boy and he can change his behavior. He says, “Chief pick up the damn phone.” Boden does and it doesn’t seem like Jimmy wants to talk. Perhaps you can’t change everything with a phone call.

Shay is waving the tickets around the common room and bitching about her lame tip. Cruz notes that the tickets go for around 800 dollars and suddenly Shay is whistling a different tune and imagining herself in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. I didn’t have Shay pegged as a Jimmy Choo kind of girl. Shay runs out to talk to Rafferty who says she’s under review for saving Jacob’s life. Shay rolls up her sleeves and is ready to brawl anyone who tries to take Rafferty away. Rafferty says to forget about it. What’s that you were saying about people needing help?

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