“Chicago Fire” recap (2.11): “Crapping rainbows”

At the academy, Dawson is modeling this year’s finest trend, a perfectly fitted t-shirt. Thank you wardrobe department. She introduces herself to the other lady, Rebecca Jones.  Jones knows that Dawson worked with Severide and then proceeds to talk smack about houses that got shut down by the state.  Not the best way to make friends, tall girl.

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Casey and Severide are looking at plans for their new clubhouse. Severide says he’s not much good at construction and asks Casey if this is just an opportunity for Casey to boss him around a job site?  Oh you two and your role play. Severide asks if Casey is doing OK after his brain surgery and Casey’s like yeah totally, just don’t ask me my locker combination.  Mills pops in and asks for a hall pass so he can go check on his boyfriend Clarke.

Out in the garage Katie arrives with cookies for Severide and runs into Otis. They engage in the dorkiest flirting over a board game. He speaks in German, she challenges to choose between grain and ore  and then tells him to break his movie date with Cruz (Joe never puts out!) and come over to dinner and dorking at Severide’s.

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Shay gets called into the Chief’s office. Mouch is in there, talking on his Madonna circa “Vogue” headset.  A lawyer contacted the Chief about Darryl’s suicide. He slides the info to Shay but she doesn’t want it. She gets up and tries to walk out. Mouch says the union will be there for her and Boden tells her that everyone is behind her.  She tries to keep it together by focusing on the Chief’s sternum. Man, can we just stop making poor Shay cry?

Mills is at the precinct with Antonio and Smarmy Jay. Jay says, “You’re friends with Clarke, right?” and Mills immediately wants to know what this is about. I mean they haven’t defined their relationship yet but “friends” doesn’t exactly cover it. Antonio shows him some texts Hayes received before he was killed. Mills scampers over to talk to Clarke. He tells him that Lisa was jealous of Hayes and his new girlfriend. Clarke gets pissed and threatens to “lay Mills out.” I bet you will. Mills stalks off, unlaid, but it looks like maybe he got through to Clarke.

Back at firefighter training, Dawson is done with her sweat suit clad run (the sweats are a crime against humanity). Severide says hi and Jones slides over and says “that hot piece of ass is Lt. Severide?” Dawson rolls her eyes and asks, “Let me guess, he’s uglier than you expected?” They gear up and are climbing the aerial when a guy freezes mid-ladder. Jones tries to get the guy going, Dawson asks if he’s OK, and Severide comes down and tells the guy being afraid is OK he just has to keep going. Afterward, Severide compliments Jones and she takes it as an invitation to chat but he shuts her down.

Back at 51 Casey still can’t remember his combo so he pulls out a pair of bolt cutters, like that’s a normal thing to carry around in his bag, and cuts the thing off. Clarke is waiting for Lisa at home.  She tries to distract him with frozen pizza but he wants to chat about Hayes.  He wants to know if she was jealous about Hayes’s new lady love. She says no but she is a terrible liar.

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Chez Casey, Dawson is padding around in a robe and bare feet and telling him about her day of nervousness at the academy. Casey asks if there are any other lady firefighters and Dawson says yes and that she plans to “school her ass.” Competitive Dawson is hot and Casey notices and asks her to move in with him.  Dude, you U-Haul like a couple of lesbians.  She says yes and looks moderately concerned that this new, impulsive lesbian side of Casey may have been activated by his brain surgery.

Back at the garage Shay is messing with Rafferty and it’s a glorious sight. She asks if Rafferty caught Ellen’s show and she says no. Shay says oh you really missed out, they had the cast of Glee. (Is Glee code for gay stuff in the straight world?)  Rafferty says “well you must have crapped a rainbow” and Shay leans out of the ambulance, and says “it made me at least five percent gayer.”  Rafferty looks a lot like she’d like Shay to make her five percent gayer.

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